Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(i6) feverai effects to leveral acts of faith ; except only in thole Qualities or Acts of the foul which faith is to produce as an efficient caule. To be ju(fi fled by faith or Grace , and to be Pa- ved by faith or Grace, are protnifcuoufly;fpoken as of the fame faith or Grace. Secondly, 7619n 3.15,16,T 8. Fie that believeth in him fhall not perifh, but have every' i ;a life.] LHe th..t believeth onhim is net condcn:ned.] Not tobe condemned, ís, to be juftificd. Con- demnaríon and Jutfification are oppofed ill Scripture, Rom. 8. 33,:4, Here therefore a faving faith and a juffi f ing are made all one. And it is [ Believ nÿ in Chrift 1 without exclufion of any effential part, that is this faith ; It is [Believing in the Name of the only begotten Son of God. j ver. i 8. which is more then to believe his Ranfom. Thirdly, ?ohn 3.3 5,36. The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things intohis band , he that believe: b on the Son , bath everlafling life; andhe that believeth not the fon,(hall not fee life, but the wrath ofGod abideth on km.] To have Gods wrath abide on him is to be un;uftified. And the unbelievers oppofed to the Believers before mentioned, are fuch as [ Believenot the fen : ] which phrafe cannot poilibly be limited to the affiance in his blood : It is the [ ó iO v ] often tranflated DFfobedient : (ïgni_ fying,faithWillet, bothunbelieving and difobedient, but rather Difobediient, properly it is.unperfivadable, But of this more anon. And the faith here mentioned is [Believingon the fon] entirely, without exclufion of any effential acts; nayexprefly including the act in queftion , by (hewing that it is faith inChriti as Lord, into [ whofe hands the Father bath given all things ] as the condexidn of thefe words to the foregoingBoth manifeft. Fourthly, Rom.I . i6,.i 7, 18.. 1am not afhamed ofthe Gofpelof Chriff, for it is the power ofGod to falvation to everyone that be- Jieveth for therein is the Righteoufnefr of God revealed from faith to faith, ae it is Written, thejuff (hall live by faith.] where faving and juftifying faith is made the fame, and that is to be a believer of the Gofpel, or inChrift, without limitation to any one effential part of it. . Fifthly, Rom.3.22. [ Eves the Rigleteonfnefs ofGod,Which id f s thof Plies Chrlff, untoAll, andRyon all tkena that believe.] Here .v...:.