Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(6~) Gove~ning Laws; which are diftinct from the conftitution or fundamental Law. Mr. ~lake. You yet tell me it W44 fittefl for Paul to[a,t,h) f~tith in hidhlood; beclfl.u(e he intend1 to connote b·th '1\?h.-t we ~~, ...ejufttfi~ ed6y ex parte Chrifti,andWhat '1\?e are juft.jied hy ex parte noHri ; /JBt the former princip-ll/y. To thi& lfa], If thiowere _ji;ttftfor Paul, then it u ,.mfitfor any tocome in wuh Ammi4dverfiom, t~nd tellm of -tZnJ other thing ex parte l.hrifti, or ex parte nofirifor [-uftification. 1praJ 1oure(f here and \l>e arewell agreed. He1 t u Chrifts Prieftly Office onhu part alone 1 and l11m refolved to lofJ~ no further. . 'R__,epl. Though I may not hope to change you, if you are Refolved, yet I may take leave to rend:er a reaCon of my con– trary as peremptory Refolution : I am refolved to look further exparte Chrifti, then to his blood, yea or his whole Merit. yea or whole Pri(ft· hood for my Jufiification; even to whole Chrift, and in fpecial to his Regal conftitution and fentence. Yet.Jreft where youdefire me, as ro the Truch of whac I faid; and if we are agreed, its better tben I can perceive in your other words. Firft, Though Paul there mention the Prteftly (/JficeAlone, yet tbat"s not all his Epiftles,nor all the Scriptures;nor doth he here cxclude the reft. Secondly,lt may be fietell: toPti1tls defign in that particular dif– courfe to mention faith in hu blood, and yet it mh1y be fie for anod1e'r to come in with animadverfions, and tell you of more necdfary both ex p11rte Chrifli & nhjiYi. Ics common to exprefs our meaning of awhole in a fummary notion taken from a chief part: And indeed ir:~ Political dikourfes it is hard to meet .with a fitter way of expreffion. Thirdly, Paut bimfelfwas not of your opinion, nor Chrill: neither,andyet it was not unfit for themto difcover it.The fame Paul that here thought it fit tel\ tO mention (&~it!~ in hi1 blood, did elfewhere think it fit to mention ?u(lificationbyh~ Obedimce,and that he Ro(e aga:n for our }ufiifi~·atien; and to prornife Jmputa– .tion of Righteoufoefs to us , if We be/,n;e on him that raif• ed up {e[m our Lord from the dead Rom. 4.14, 25. with the like paffages before mentioned. But moil frequently it is the comprehenfive ph,rafe of [ 6elie7Jing in Chrift {efl# our Lohrd] t ar: