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104 The Life of Faith. of a dcmonflration of Gods Jullice and difplcafure againtì fin ? 11. Howwifely is it determined of God, that he who undertakes all this, thould be Mau, and yet more than Man, oven God ? That the Monarch ofMankind, and the Media- tour, and the Teacher ofMan, and the Sacrifice for fin,fhould not beonly of another kind ; but that he be one that isd fit to be familiar with man, and to be intereflcd naturally in bit concerns; and one that is by nature and nearneß capable of theft undertakings and relations ? And yet that he be fo high andnear the Fatber,as may puta Cuf6_icnt value on his works, andmake himmoil meet to mediate for us ? r 6. Howwifely is it ordered, that with a perfeet dot$rine, we fhould have the pattern of a perfeíi life, as knowing how agreeable the way of imitation is to our natures and ne- ccffitics .? 17. And as a patter» of all other vertue is hill before us ; fo how fit was it, efpccially that we fhould have a lively. ex- ample, to teach us to contests this deceitful world, and to fet little comparatively, by reputation, wealth, preheminencc, grandeur, plcafures, yea and life it Pelf, which arc the things which all that perith prefer beforeGod and immortality? 18. And how needful is it that they that mutt be over- takenwith renewed faults, should have a daily remedy and refuge, and a plaiflcr for their wounds; and a more accept- able name than their own to plead withGod for pardon 19. Howmeet was it that our Saviour fhould rife from the dead (and confcqucntly that he shoulddie) to (hew us, that his Sacrifice was accepted, and that there is indeed another life for man ; and that death and the grave (hall not flill de- tain us? 20. And howmeet was it that our Saviour should afcend into Heaven, and therein our natures be glorified withGod ; that he might havït all power to finifh the work ofmans falva- tion, and his po(feffionmightbe a pledge 01 our future pof- fdfion? 21. Moll wifely alto is it orderedof God, that min might not be left under the Covenant ofWorks, or of entirenature, which after it was broken, could never jifflihje him,and which was