Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Lift of Faith. was now unfiitable to his lapfed [fate, and that God thould make a New Covenant with him as his Redeemer, as he made the firft as his Creatour : and that an Ad of general pardon and oblivion, might fecurc us of forgivencfs and everlatfing life : And that as we had a Rule to live by for preventing fin and mifery, we might have a Rule for our duty in order to our recovery. 22. And what more convenient conditions could this Covenant have had, than [abelieving and thankful Acceptance of themercy, and a penitent and obedient forming of our Re- deenter unto everlaffing life ?] 23. Andhow convenient is it; that when our King is to depart from earth, and keep his refidence in the Court of Heaven, he should appoint his Officers to manage the humane part of his remaining work on earth ? And that Come fhould do the extraordinary work, in laying the foundation, and leaving a certain Rule and Order to the reti, and that the reti fhould proceed to build hereupon ; and that the wifetf and the befi ofmen, fhould be the Teachers and Guides of the reti unto the end. 24. And how neccfl'ary was it that our Sun in glory fhould continually fenddown his beams and influence on the earth even the Spirit ofthe Father to be his confiant Agent here be- low and to plead his caufc, and do his work on the hearts of men ? and that the Apoffles, who were to found the Church, fhould have that Spirit, in fo confpicuous a degree, and for luch various works of Wonder and Power, as might fuffice to confirm their teflimony to the world : And that all others as well as they to the end, thould have the Spirit for chore works of Love and Renovation, which are neceff ry to their own obedience and falvation. 25. Howwifely it isordered,that he who is our King,is?Lord of aU,and able to defendhis Church,and to reprefs his prondeft enemies. 26. And allo that he thould be ourfinal Judge, who was our Saviour and Law-giver, and made and fcaled that Covenant of Grace by which we mutt be judged : That Judgement may not be over dreadful, but rather definable to his faithful fir- vants, who [hall openly be jufihed by.hirn before all. 27. How 105