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106 The Life ofFaith. 27. Howwifely hath God ordered it, that when death is naturally fo terrible to man, we thould have a Saviour that went that way before us, and was once dead, but now liveth, and is where we mutt be, and bath the keyes of death and Heaven; that wemay boldly go forth as to his pr.fcnce, and to the innumerable perfcded fpirits ofthe jull, and may com- mend our fouls to the hands of our Redeemer, and our Head. 28. As alfo that this should be plainly revealed; and that the Scriptures are written in a method and manner fit for all, even for the meanefi, and that Minifters be commanded to open it, and apply it, by tranfation, expofìrion, and earnett exhortation; that the remedymay be flaked to the nature and extent of the difcale: And yet that there be force depths, to keep prefumptuous daring wits at a diftance, and whumble them, and to exercife our diligence. 29, As alto that the life of faith and holinefs Mould have much oppofition in the world, that its glory and excellency might the more appear, partly by the prcfence of its con- traries, and partly by its exercife and vi6 oriel in its tryals ; and that the godlymay have ufe for patience, and fortitude, and every grace ; and may be kept the eafilier from loving the world,and taught the more to delire the pretence of theitLcrd.. 3o. Laftly, And how wifely is it ordered, that Cod in Heaven, from whom all cometh, thould be the end of all his graces and our duties ? and that himfclf alone thould be our home and happinefs ; and that as we are made by him, and for him, to weMould live with him, to his prade, and in his love for ever : And that there as we thall have bothglorified fouls and bodies; fo both might have a fuitable glory ; and that our glorified Redeemer might there be in part the Media_ tour ofourfruitian,as here he' was the Mediatour of acquifttiox,. I have recited heftily a few of thcparts of this wondrous frame, to thew you, that ifyou few them all, and that in the r trueorder and method, you might cot think ftrange that [N.w unto tie principalities and powers in heavenly places is wade known by the Church the manifold wifdom of God, Ephef. a. It. which Was the fiyfl part of Gods Image upon theChris,- ftiate Religion, which-I wasto thew you. But betides all this, the WISDOM of God is expreffcd in thy