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I16- The Life of Faith. agrecablenefs of the hittory to the effecs, and by much fubfc- quent evidence of the Writers Veracity. 2. The fame may befaid of Gods drowning the old world, and the prcferving of Noah and his family in the Ark. 3. And of the detlruction of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from Heaven. 4, The many miracles donc by Wes upon Pharaoh and the Egyptian:, and in the opening of the Red Sea, and in the feeding of the Ifraelites in the wilderncfs, and keeping their cloths from wearing for forty years; and the pillar which went before them as a fire by night, and a cloudby day, for fo long time; and the darknefs, and thunder, and trembling of the Mount at the givingof the Law ; with the rctt of the Miracles then done, not in a corner, or beforea few, but be- fore all the people ; who were perfwadcd to receive and obey the Law, by the reafon ofthefe motives which their eyes had feen : And if all this had been falle ; if no plguts had been (hewed onEgypt ; if noRed Sea had opened ; ifno Pillar had gone before them ; if no fuch terrible fights and founds at Mount Sinai had prepared them for the Law , fuch reafons would have been fo anfit to have perfwadcd them to obe- dience, that they would rather with any reafonablc creatures, have procured fcorn. And to (hew pofterity, that the hitlory of all this was not forged, or to be fufpeted ; r. They had the Law ir felt then delivered in twoTables ofhone to be hill leen. z. They had a pot of Manna hill preferved. 3. They had the miracle - working Rod of Mofes and Aaron kept likcwife as a monu- ment. 4. They had an Ark of purpofe to keep theft in, and that in the moti inviolable place ofwor(hip. 5.. They had the brazen Serpent (till Hezekabbroke it) hill to be fees. 6.They had the tong of their deliverance at the Red Seafor their con- tinued ufe. 7. They had let featts to keep the chiefofall thefe things in remembrance. They had the haft of unleavened bread, which all Ifrael was to obferve for (evendaies, to keep the reinembtancc oftheir pallingout of Egypt in fogreat hafte, that they could not flay to knead up, and make their bread, but took it asinmeal or unreadydough. They had the feat ofthe Paffcovcr,: when every family was to cat of the Pafchat Lamb..