Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Life ofFaith. Lamb, and the door -polls to be fprinklcd with the blood, to keep in remembrance the night when the Egyptians firft born were dcftroyed, and the Ifraelites all prefervcd. And ifshefe had been inftituted at that time, upon a pretended occafion which they knew to be untrue, thcy would rather have de- rided thanobferved them. If they had been afterwards infti- tuted in another generation which knew not the flory, the beginning would have been known, and the fic`ion of the name and inftitution ofMofes would have been apparent to all, and the inflitution would not have been found in the. fame Law, which was given by Mojes : And it could not have been fo expretly faid, that the Ifraelites did all obfcrve thcfe (calls and folemnities from the very time of their deliverance, but in thofc times when the forgery began, all would have known it to, be falle. 8. And they had many other words and ceremonies among them, and even in Gods Publick Worfhip, which were all ufed to keep up the memory ofthere things. 9. And they had an office of Priefthood conflantly among them,which faw to the execution and prefervation of all thefe. 1o. And they had a form of civil Policy thenellablifhed, and and the Rulers were to preferve the memory of thefc things, and the pradicc ofthis Law, and to learn it thcmfelves, and govern by it : fo that the very form of the Common- wealth, and the order of it, was a commemoration hereof: And the Parents were to teach and tell their children all chele things, and to expound all thefe Solemnities, Laws and Ceremonies to them : fo that the frame of Church, and State, and Vami. lies, was a prefervative hereof. 5. But, to pats by all the refi in the Old Teftamenr, the In- carnation of Chrift was fuch a work of Omnipotent Love, as caenot by us becomprehended: That God thould be united to humanity in perfon ! that humanity thoulel thus be ad- vanced into union with the Deity ! and Man be fct above the Angels ! that a Virgin thouldconceive ! that men from the Latl thould be led thither to worfhip an Infant by thecondut of a Star (which Cajarius thinketh was one of thole Angels orSpirits Which arc called aflame of fire,Pjal. 104. 4.) That Angels from Heaven thould declare his nativity to the Shep- herds, and celebrate it with their praifcs : that John Baptiji 2.3 thotild 1