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i 18 The Life ofFaith. thouldbe fo called to be his forerunner, andElizabeth, Zacha- ry, Simeon, and Anna, thould fo prophefie of him : That the Spirit thould be feen defcending on him at his Baptifm, and the voice be heard from Heaven, which owned him : that he fhould fail forty dales and nights; and that he thould be tranf- figured before his three Difciplcs on the Mount, -and Motes and Elias teen with him in that glory ; and the voice from Heavenagain bear witnefs to him : Theft, and many fuck like were the attctlations of Divine Omnipotency to the truth of Chrift. 6. To there may benext joyned, thewhole courfe ofmi- racles performed by Chrift, in healing the tick, and railing the dead ; and in many other miraculous acts, which arc moll of the fubftance ofthe Gofpel- hiftory, and which I have recited together in my Reafons of the Chrijiia* Religion i fee fleb. 2. 2, 3, 4. 7. And to thrfemay be added, the Power which was given over all thecreatures, to Chriti our Mediatour. All power in Heaven andEarth was given him, Job. 17.2. & 13 3. Mat. a8. 19. Rom. 14.9. Ephef. I. 22, 23. He was made Head over all things to the Church, and all principalities and powers wereput under him 1 And this was not barely afl"ert- ad by him, but demontirated He lhewedhis power over the Devils in exiling themout : and his power over Angels by their attendance : and his power of life and death, by rail- ing the dead : and his power over all difcafes, by healing them : and his power over the winds and waters, by ap- pcafing them : and hispower over our food and natures, by turningwater into wine, and by feeding many thoufands.tni- raculou[ly : yea and his power over them into whole hands he was rcfolvcd to yield himfelf, by retaining them till his hour was come, and bymaking them all fall to the ground at his name: and his power over Sun, and Heaven, and Earth, by the darkeningof the Sun, and the tremblingof the Earth, and the rendingof theRocks, and of the Vail of theTemple, Mat. 27.45, 51. And his power over the dead, by the riling of the bodies ofmany, Mat. 27.52. And his power over the Saints in Heaven, by theattendance of Mojes and Elias: and his power toforgive fins, by taking away the penal maladies; and