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the Life ofFaith. it 9 and his power to change hearts, and fave fouls, by caufing his Difciples to leave all and follow him at a word ; and &- chew a to receive him, andbelieve ; and the thiefon the crfs to be converted, and to enter that day into Paradife. ft. And his own Refurredion is an undoubted attehation- of Divine Omnipotency. If God gave him huh a victory over death, and raifcd him to life when men had killed him, and rolled a hone upon his Sepulchre, and fealed and guarded it, there needeth no further evidence of the Power of God impreffìng and attefting the Chriflian Religion, than that which afcertaineth to us the truth of Chrilis Refurreaion. For be was declared to be the Son of God by POWER, by refur- When from the dead, Rom. I. 4. 9. And his bodily appearance to his congregated Difciples when the doors were (hut ; his miracle at their tithing, his walking on the Sea, his vanithing out of their fight, Luke 24. when he had difcourfedwith the twoDifciples, his opening their hearts to underhand his Word, &c. do all thew this part of Gods Image on our Religion, even his Power. to. And fo doth his bodily afcending into Heaven before the face of his Difciples, Ath rm 1 r. But cfpecially the fending down the Holy Ghofi upon his Difciples according as he promifed : To caufe them that were before fo low in knowledge, to be fuddenly infpired with languages, and with the full underffanding of his own will, and with unanimity and concord herein ; this made his Difciples the living monuments and effects ofhis own Omni potency, Alis 2. I a. And accordingly all the miracles which they did by this power, recorded partly in the Ads of the Apofiles, (or rather, the Aas of Paul, by Luke who was his companion i) which you mutt there read (and no doubt but other Apofiles in their meafures did the like as Paul, though they arc not re- corded ; for they had all the lame Promi`e and Spirit.) This is another impreffion of POWER. 13. Whereto mutt be added the great and wonderful gifts of communicating the fame Spirit (or doing that upon which God would give it) to thole converted Believers on whom they laid their hands (which Simon Magus would fain have bought