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The Contents ofthe firit Part. The SERMON. W// Faith if, page 2. The Text opened, p. 4. 74 grounds ofthe certaintyofFaith briefly intimated,p.5,&c. Why Godwill have tie live byFaith,and not byfight, p. xi, &c. Lift i. To inform us what a Cbrifiian or Believer is ; defsribed, i WC 2. The &afoot why Believers are snore ferious in matters f Religion, than unbelievers are. Ufe 3. Of Examination, p. 29 The mifery ofunbelievers, p. 3e Marls ofa true Faith, p. 32 Ufe 4. Exhortation to the feriases exereife ofFaith, P. 37 Some ajji ing fuppofitions, 8 How tbofe will live who thus believe; opened in certain , e- ltions, P. 48 Motivesis live byaforefeeingFaith on things not Peen, p. 45 TheConelufon; i. Exhorting to live by Faith : 2. And to pro- mote this life inothers, P. 46. The Additions. Cap. i. The convifion and reproof of Hypocrites, Nrba live contrary to theFaith which they profejl, 4S. Csp. 2. Ageneral Exhortation,. liveas Believers,. 6 5 Cap. 3. An exhortationto theparticular duties of Believers. 63 The Contentstithe SecondFart. Chap. i. The Believers Direátery utu¡i jhetr him t; b. How to. jtressgtben Faith : g. Roo to oft it, And