Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

16o The Life of Faith, books, and ttudtes, and the cuftome of the times, and the countenance of Chrillian Rulers, and for reputation, and worldly advantage, &c. to fall into right opinions about Chrifi, and Faith, and Godlinefs, and Heaven ; and tenacionf ly to defend thefe in difputings ; and prrhaps to make a trade of preaching of it : And what is all this to the Pavingof the (òul, if there be no more ? And yet the-cafe ofmany Learned Orthodox men, is greatly to be pittied, who make that a means to cheat and undo themfelves, which fhould be the on- ly wifdom and way to life; and know but little more of Chritiianity, than to hold, and defend, and teach found Do- Chine, and to praoîife it fo far as the interefi of the flab will give them leave; I had almofi laid, fo far as the fall) it Pelf will command them todo well, and fin it fell forbiddeth fin ; that it may not difgrace them in the world, nor bring fonie hurt or punifhment upon them. Direr . t t. Set not any other Graces againß Faith , as raif- ing a jealoufre lrff the honouring of one, be a diminution of the ho- nour of the other: But labour to fee the necrfary and harsno- floue confentf of aA, and bow all contribute to the common end. Though other graces arc not Faith, and have not the cf&ce proper to Faith; yet every one is conjunct} in the work of Our falvation, and in our pleating and glorifying God : Some of thembeing the concomitants of Fa,th, and fcme of them its end, to which it is a means: Yea, oft -times the words [Faith and Repentance] are ufed as fignifying much of the fame works, the latter named from the rerped to the terns fromwhich, and the former from the refped to part of the term to which the foul is moving : -And Faith is oft taken as containing fomewhat of Love and Defire in it ; and he that will without any prejudice and partiality fiudy Paul where he oppofeth Faith and Works, as to our Juflifîcation, (hall find by his almofi confiant naming [the Works of the Law] or by the context and analyfis, that indeed his chief meaning is to prove, that we are jufhfled by the ChritlianReligion, andmutt befaried by it, and not by thejewit, which the adverfaries of Chrifbanity then pleaded for, and trotted to. Diced, 12. Set not thehelps of Faith as if they were ageing Faith