Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[85 ärrs or Limiters of the Power, but only r. The Eleftors of the Perlons that fhall receive it 2. And the Invefters of them in it by Minifterial delivery; 3. And the Governours of us in the ex- ercife ofit, according to God's Laws, by which they may punifh us for maleadminiftration, but cannot diffolve the Laws obligation to thole that are indeed commanded by ir. LI. Obj. 2. If there be able Preachers in one part of the Parses, and the other part have fisch as deliver all that is neceffary to fah/at-ion intelligibly, it it unlawful to Preach againfl the will ofthe Prince or Prelates in fuch a Country. Anf, We deny this unproved of ertion. 1. Indeed it will follow that fuch perlons are juf ly condemned by God, if they repent not though they had but a Reader. 2. And that they fhould be thankful for fo much, and gladly accept it in fuch Churches when they can have no better, But not i. that it is in the power of any man juftly to forbid them better, when God pro- videth it, 2. Nor that they mutt obey fuch a prohibition, as fuch. ( Though prudence may dilcern forbearance to be a duty by acci- dent, when the hurt would be greater than the good. ) There is no dócttrine obje51-ively of abfoli íe necefty to 'falvation, but the doc`,trine of the .ßaptifnal Covenant, which is expounded in the Creed, Lords präyer and Decalogue. But there is much Doc`lrinai and active Means neceilary to make men Vnderftand,Beíieve, Love, and J ra- ¿ti`f this necelfary Covenant doctrine. And the doctrine or articles offaith, will fäve none that do not Vnderfland,Beiieve,Love,and Prat. it, and that fincerely preferring the things G 3 reveal-