Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[Ili] 3. Queen Elisabeth and King 7ames difcoun= tenanting and fupprefling the Nonconformifts, theyattempted in Norrhamtonfhire and Warwick fhire a little while to have fer and kept up private Churches and governed them in the Presbyterian way ; But that attempt was Loon broken and fruftrate by the indufiry of Bithop Whitguift and Bancroft : And the Nonconformifts lived according to their various opportunities force of them conformed: force were byconni- vence permitted in peculiars and (mall impro- priate places or Chappels that had little maintenance, in the publick Miniftry, which kept them from gathering fecret Churches force of them had this liberty a great part of their lives, as Mr. Hilderfham,Mr. Dod,Mr. Her ing, Mr. Paget, Mr. Midfley fenior and junior, Mr. Langley,Mr. Slater,and Mr...fhat Bremicharn Mr. Tailor, Mr. Pateman, Mr. Pak/ Bayne, Mr. Fox of Tewksbury, 7ohn Fox, and many more. Some had this liberty all their lives, as Mr. Knewftubs, Dr. Chadderton, Dr. Reignolds Dr. Humphrey, Mr. PzrkZins, Mr. john Ball, Mr, Barnet, Mr. Geeree, Mr. Root, Mr. Atkins Mr. Gilpin, John Rogers and many others : fore were fain to fhift up and down by hiding them- felves, and by flight, and there preached fome- times fecretly in the houlès i here they were, and fometime publickly for a day and away, where they could be admitted : fo did Mr. Parker,Mr, Braafhaw,Mr. Nìcols,Mr. Brightman, Mr. Brtrmskïl, Mr. Humphrey Fen, Mr. Sktcliff, Mr. Thomas, and many more ; and after their filencing Mr Cotton, Mr. Hooker, and many more that went to America , Mr. Cartright was per-