Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1 30 Lanca/h.'ire Minifters, with fotne of us, wrote againff there proceedings of the then Power Many Preacht againft them, fo that the lober Religious people of the land grew commonly difatfected to them : And what the Scots did and how they were conquered, we need not here relate.. 21. The Minifters who were then in poffeffion of the Parifh Churches wereof many minds about Church Government. I. Many were for the old Epifcopacy and Liturgie 2. Many were for a reformed Epifcopacy : 3. Many were for Presbytery ( that is, Church.Government by Presbyteries, Clarks and National affemblies, of Teaching and of Governing unordained Elders Con fund-, as jwre divino ) 4. Some were for that which is called Independency. 5'. Some thought that no form of Church Government was jure divino. 6. But the molt of our acquaintance were peaceable,moderate men that thought feveral parties had fomewhat of the right, and that the points of difference were fo few and anal], that they might well live in peace and love, and that none of the parties was fo right as that in all things they should be followed, and others trod down to fet them up : And many of thefe were young men that, being at the Schools, had not been engaged in the firft quarrels, and defired not to fide with any dividing parties, and modeftly profeffed that they had not maturity en,)ugh to ftudy them- felves to any great confidence in the Contro- verfies. 22. This laft fort of men beginning in WorcejL ;/hire fet on foot a work of reconciling Afro