Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

The'Epiftle. but will not fatisfie my confcience, nor heal the Land. I write not this as accufing Con- formifls, or the Law-makers, but as aifwer- ing their loud and long accufations and de- mands. Iftelling what I,fear, Teem a telling what others are guilty of, it is a confequent which I cannot avoid; but to avoid it and fuch like, have feventeen years been herein filent. So far am I from defiring. the weak- ening ofthe Church, that I had not written this, but to prevent it. Though I with Saint Marlin renounce communion with Ithacius and Idacius, I go not fo far as he in fepara- ting from the Synods of Bilhops ; nor will I feparate from any Chriflians, further than they feparate from Chrift, or expel me Church Order I love; Church Tyranny and Schifm I love not Iam for more &'7 ;obs,and not for fè er : If .Parig-Oratories,or Chapels were made Parifh-(hitches,, at "call in each Corporation antiently called r1: Yea if the -tiarifh-Miniflers might le Paflors, Fpifcopi gregi s, and Not forced iy /"rangers to excom- municate, abfolve and receive to communion againfi their knowledge and conffciences, nor to profe0s, promife orpractice ,bn againfl God, nor omit .their known Mini/lerial duty, far be it fromme to be againfl: Conformity. I doubt not but he that will preferve Religion here in its due advantages, mull endeavour to pre - ferve