Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

The Epiflle. ferve theSoundnefs, Concord and Honour of the Parifh-Churches. And as the truly wife and honeft yudge Hale bath Paid to me, It ,null be a new A of Jniformity that mull heal us, ifeverwe be healed. I am of the mind of old Mr. Dori, who, for the peoples fake, thankedGocl that there werefo many Wor- thyConformifls, and for Truth and C_ onfczence fake, thanked God that there werefo many ,\Tonconformifls. I love and honour, the Re- verend, folid,worthy Preachers which I hear in.mof'i Churches in London, where I come; and I endeavour to have all others honour them : And though I am by the Canon ipf® fado excommunicate, they ¡hall put me out from them before I will depart. But for the Church, and Kingdom, and their Confilences fake, I begof the Clergy, thatbefore theyany more render odious thofe whom they never heard, and urge Rulers to execute the Laws againft them, that is, to confine, imprifon, excommunicate, filence and undo them; they would be fuse what manner offpirit they are of; and that this is acceptable to God, and pro .fttalle to the Land, or to themfelves, and that iihich the ChurchesExperience commended], My honefi friend, whom I once perfwaded from Anabaptifrry,writing againft Separation, faith, that when he Jaw here a leg, and there an arm in the way, it.was timefor him to flop. But