Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1361 Ypiecopal, and for as much as Richard Hooker writeth for, and were againft the Covenant (and never took it) and the Parliaments War, and were for the Liturgie and Ceremonies, and had Conformed had thefe been all .that had been impofed, who yet were call: out of Fellowíhips andMiniftry : Yea Tome had tottered for the King, and been ruined in their patrimony, force imprifoned for him, and fotne had been in arms for him. 2. Befides thefe, and other Epifcopal Nonconformifts, fame and very many, and we think the greateft part of any one, were fuch difengaged pacificators as we before mentioned about .1Iociations : 3. Some were for the Presht'rerian Government, and 4. Some for that called Independent, which were compara- tively, but few. Alf'o tome were ( as heretofore Dr. John Reynolds, Dr. Humphrey, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Paul B yn,&c. for feme part- ofConformi y (Kneeling and Liturgie,ard forme for the Surplice) & againft other parts : Many would have come in to all the old Conformity, had it not been for that one fenrence in the Canon- fubfcription [Nothing Contrary to the word of God 3 ( which kept out Mr. Chillingivorth himfelf, as is reported, till force dií enfation let him in.) But the New Conformity was fuch as fatisfied them all againft ir. Many purpofed to have yielded to Prelacy, Liturgie and Ceremonies, and gone to the urmoft that Confcience would tolerate, rather than lay by their Miniftry. But when they faw the new An for 7lntformity,their deliberations were at an end. 33. Their intereft, honour or fomewhat elfe led