Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1371 ltdmany perlons of thole times, when they had tn,de the name of Presbyterians odious, to call all the Nonconformifts that were Epifcopal or neutral,by the name of Presbyterians, even thofe that had declared them1èlves againft the Presby- terian frame, fo they were not Independents. And they continue that praftice to ferve their ends to this day. 34. The elder fort of the Nonconformifts were ordained by Diocefan Bifhops : The younger fort were ordained by Affemblies of the Parifh Paftors of Cities and Conntries, no other ordination being then allowed by thofe in Power. 3 S As to the late Civil Wars which force molt lowdiy charge on the Noriconfcrmits, this is the truth, that the leveral parties charge the beginning ofthat war on one another:One party faith that the Presbyterians begun it in England: Another party lay it on the old Church of Englandmen that followed Archbifhop Abbot, and fetch like : Both thefe accufed Parties laid the beginning on Archbifhop Laud as an Inno- vator, and thofe that followed him : And force think that every fide had too much hand in ir, and were to be blamed. The truth is, i. That more b' far of the Nonconformifts than of the late fort of the Prelatifts were for the Parlia- ment in thofe times : a. That force that were Staaries, and Come that were hot for the Par- liament chid conform : 3. That Come few that had been in the King's Army or Caufe,and that were fufferers for him, and were againft the Covenant and the Parliaments War, were Nonconformifts: q.. That many moreofthe old Epifcopal.Comfor mi s,