Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

The Epiflle. But inChurch-hifloì I havehad a fadder fight,' even the carka%s of thoufands , flreams of blood, and tumults in the chief Cities and Churchesof the world, the Crowns of Empe- rours &Kings, the lofs of theEafternEmpire, the generationof the Papacie, the reproach of Chriftianity, and that byClergie-Domina- tion, and Contention, ftriving who Mould be Createfi andfeem wifefai. Some fay, Ifwe take x_ afewmoderate men like ,you, what the better arewe? Anf. More than you dream of, are far better than I : I hope few are worfe; Biíhol Morley bid Ab uno difce omnes: Shall London have no clocks unlefs they will all flrike at once ? ¡hall none be tolerated but theperfeFt Areyou fuck your felves ? Doyou differ in no- thing? how then lhall we have Communion withyouwhenwe differ in all the things here defcribed ? Pardon me for Paying, I think that Mr. Tombs hath faid more like truth for Ana baptiflry, the late Hungarian for Polygamy, many for drunkennefs, healing and lying, in cafes of neceffity,than ever I yet read for the Jawfulnefs of all that I have here defcribed, And what is it that forcemen cannot copi oufy and confidently talk for ? And what wretched Reafons be they that have kindred Englands unity and peace?And how fullyhath Rom, 14. and x 5. and our Common intereft and notorious experience confuted them ! I have