Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

at all to perform ; nor do the Parents ufe to ex- peg it : Nor Both one Child of a multitude un- deritand what the Baptifmal Covenant is, ofma- ny a year aft. r. they have learned to fay the fa id Catechifm. t4. That the Godfathers Rand not there as the Reprefenters of the Parents is evident (ac- cording to the fenfe ofthe Church) becaufe the Parent himfelf is not fuffered to do ir, ör (peak one covenanting word ; nor muft be urged to be prefent ; nor are they to freak in the Parents name in any of their undertakings; Nor is there the leaff intimation that the Church taketh the Sponfor for the Parents Reprefentative. I ). The Parents are to be admonifhed not to defer the Baptifiìn of their Children longer than the frrff or fecond Sunday, unlefs upon a great and reafonable caute to be approved by the Curate ( whether they can get underftanding, credible God-fathers or not :)Thefe are the Mat ters of Fact. Here note t. That there is no Controverfie between the Conformiffs and Nonconformifs, whether Chriftians Infants Mould be baptized : 2.Nor whether aConformifls baptizing be valid: 3. Nor whether the Parents prefence be abfo- lutely neceffary, and another may not fpeak in his name : 4. Nor whether Adopters, er any Proprieters may not coven2nt for the Child : y. Nor whether the old Sponfors be lawful,who 1. Witnefred the'cred brlity of tht Parent; 2.And undertook the Chriftian Education of the Child, if the Parents fhculd either die or apoffanize : The Nonconformists are againf ro fuch Spon- fors, though they think that their Children have nigh