Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1491 right to Baptifmwithout filch, 6. Nor do they deny that Baptifm in the Parifh Churches is va- lid and lawfui as to the Parents and Godfathers, if they do but agree on the Nonconformifls way, that the Sponfors shall but reprefent the Pa- rents, and that they be not bound by the con- trary judgment of the Authors of the Liturgy to the contrary. But thequell ions are 1. Whe- ther a Chriftians Child, whole Parents have no way forfeited their credit, have not right to Baptifm, without other Godfathers. .. Whether the Parent thould not fölcnor,ly enter his own Child into the Covenant of God(as well as in times of Circumcition.) And whether any Parent thould be forbidden ir, viz.. to appear and fj eak as the Reprelenter of the Child, or Undertaker for him, and Promifer of his Education. 3. Whe- ther that Child muff profefs by another, that He Ilimfeif Believeth,henos nceth, Repenteth and De- fìretb Baptifm : And it be not rather to be pc-- feffd that he is the feed of a Believing, Penitent- Parent, whole Mill is as his Will, and is under God's Promíle [T will he thy Gad, and the God of thy fed.] 4. Whether a Chrifì ian Parent may "content to the perfidious of any Gc2- fathers, who give him not the 1eait realon to be- lieve that they intend that provifìon for the Children which they undertake : Or elfc may let his Child be unbaptized till he can get fuch a credible Undertaker; which is never like ro be with mots-, or many. 5. Whether the Chil- dren of Heathens, or Infidels, or Atheifts, have right to Boptitm upon the prefentation of any Godfather, who never adopteth them, or taketli them for his own, nor giveth any credible notice L3 that