Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Fir5I1 the Canons of our Convocation. And chore Canons, Cuftoms i,itd tradition pruloibite all Adoration by CenufleAlon on any Lords day in the Year, and on ant week day t Is between .Eaftcrand ,whit fontid. ;And t hÌ cliiiom continued loot) Years as the Tradition of tl-e 1Juiverf41 Church; and was -Peter repealed but thariFtd by degrees by contrry praftice They that think not that they Ar6 bound by thee Canons or Cuttoms at aft yet think that .,thy are enough to nullitie a contrary Canon of a lower pokrer ; or ad may ext u Yea .the,crinitiftri ins cialltA the Apotiles, kern to Comtrand all the _peotille, to 'receive- the Sacra- rnent Itanding and to r o Kdr it Lib.. Cap. 57. Having prefiribed the order 'of vvortYp ( that after the Al Scriptures read, they fing a Prattn and tlien read the Ads . and Epiitles and the Gofpels,,and then di r t h,' Presbyters one by one exhort the people firit'and the B,fhop Lft ( for in thofe time every Church that had an Altar had a Bitbop) he ,concludeth Poftea vero fiat facr turn, cienflopopuld Stante filent,oprec.,:nt & oblat lone fa.-ta, laphue ordo foiJrt corpus Domini & pr -ciofam fangUinemfulmar, accedentes ordine cum pudore .reverentia sa ad corpus Regis.hem rn1eres &p to capzte,ut odiern earion ,det, act dant that is [ After let thefacrifice be mad?, all the p-opie panding and praying in fiience And the oblation being mad ht every order apart t lke the body of Chrkit and his precious 61 .od : Coming to it in order with rhod,fly and reverence as to the body of the K:ng. And ¿et the yeomen approach with covered heatas asilecometh their order, L4 For.