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E I ,00d on the Tribe of Levi ; and it was not in the power of theKing to alter it. X. 5. God Bated the High Priefthood on the Priefts during life, NHmb. 35. 25, 28. /of. 20. 6,&c. which Law the Kings had no power to violate. XI. 6. There are more particular Laws made by God for the dúty of the Priefts, de- fcribing their office and work, than for any o- ther particular cafe, as many hundred Texts will tell us And none of thefe Laws might be altered, or fufpended by the Kings of Ifra;'l Nor thofe by which God flared fame of the Ju- dicial Power in the Congregation, Alum. 35. 12 to 26. XII. 7. Solomon's putting out Abiathar, and putting in Zadok, is not contrary to any of this:. For (fuppofing the words King. 2. 35% to be not only a hiftory of the bare matter of fad, but a )uftification of it de j íre.) a. it pofeth learned men to refolve how xadokand Abmthar are oft Paid to be both High Priefts before, and Zadok Rill put before 4baathar. 2,, It is cer- tain that Zadokhad the right both of Inheri- tance and efpecial Prornife, .Numb. 25. z 1, 12, t 3, Chron, 6. 3, ,q.,&c. And what Solomon did was that the wordof the Lord night be fkfilled. How the políefl'ron came into the hands of the line ofIthamar, Expofitors cannot find It ïs like it was by occafion of the con£ufions of their oft Captivity and Anarchy in the interfpace of the Judges. 3. Even the Prieffs were the King's fubáets, and might be punified for their crimes, fo it were according to God's Laws. And if Abiathar forfeited his life, he forfeited, his Of- fice, C. XI[.