Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[33i viledge "and Communion, as are not yet Bapti.: zed, but are Catechumens : And they may by due means compel the ignorant to hear and learn what Chriftianity is, though not to be- cane Chriftians (for that is impoflïble) nor to prbfefs that Which is not true, nor to take Churche- Priviledges, to which they have nb right, and of Which at prefent they are uncapable. But they may grant thole rewards and civil Priviledges to Chriftians and Churches for their encourage- ment, which they are not bound to give to o- thers, and which may make a moving difference, Without unrighteous conftrainr. XXXVI. Chrift and his Apoítles having (as is aforefaid) fettled the Right ofOrdination on the Senior Paliors or Bilhops, and the Right ofCon- fenting in the People, (and this continued long even under Chriftian Ernperours) Princes or Pa- trons may not deprive either party of their° Right, but preferving fuch Rights, they may I. Offer meet Paltors to the Ordainers and Con- fenters tó be accepted, when there is juft caufe for their interpofrtion : z. They May hinder both Ordainers and People from introducing in-- tollerable men : 3. They may, when a Peoples ignorance, Faltion of Wilfulñefs maketh them refufe all that are truly fit for them, urge them toaccept the belt; and may poffefs fuchof the Temples, and Publick Maintenance,. and make it confequently to become the Peoples duty to confent, as is aforefaid ; fo an When they are divided. XXXVII. Princes ought to be Prefervers of Peace and Charity among the Churches, and to binder Preachers from unrighteous and uncha- ritable