Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

451 tranfient Image of the Crucifix ( or any thing equal to it) as a Dedicating means to conk- crate them to God,and to fignifie their Covenant Engagement to Chrift, and as a badge and fym- bol of the Chriftian Religion, it feemeth to us to be Schifmaticall, when Chrift himlelf infti- tuted Baptifm without Inch a Covenanting Image, to be the teft and bond of his Churches unity ; But if thole Paftors hold Baptifm neceffary allo to falvation, and yet will Co deny it to fuck, this feemeth a great aggravation, The fame we fay of filch Pafrors as rejea from Baptifm and the Chúrch, the Infants of true Chriftians on the aforefaid account : As allo of thole that reject them fromBaptifm, becaufe the Parents will not offer them to it,unlefs they may theanfelves be the Covenanters in their own Childrens names, and the Exprefs dedicaters of them to God, and becaufe they either cannot get credible Godfathers, or will not put others to pro?nlre the Chriftian Education of their children, who they have no reafon to believe do at all intend it, or will ever do ir, we can excufe no fuch rejction of Chriftian Infants from Chrifts Church, from Schifm. XXVI. 24. Iffame Chriftians be ofopii ion that Chrifts example bindeth them to receive the Lords Supper in a Table-geflure,_ or that the tradition of theUniverfal Church and the Canon loth of the Nicene Council' is obligatory to them, which forbad men to adore Kneeling on any Lords day in the year, or on any week day between Eafter and Whitfnntide-( whichno other General Council revoked , but continued till meer ufi}ge by degrees wore it our, faith Dr; /NUJ;