Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

46 Hcylsn of the Sabbath, above -loco years after Chrift. ) Or if the faid perlons flrould think that to receive Kneeling were filch a fcandalous appearance of the Papifts Bread- worfhip, as the bowing before an Image forbidden by the zd. Commandement was a fcandalous appearance ofIdol- worfhip, though there perfbns did in this miflake, we could not excufe our felves from Schif!n, if we fhould therefore refute them Sa- cramental-Communion : Nor if we Mould 4f- Pent and Conf'nt ro the rejeâion of men for fo ftnall an errour, feeing Cht*ífs Spirit, Rom. 14. 1, 'c. commanded both Paffors and People to 'receive him that is weak in the faith, but not to doubtful difpastations ; and to live. in Love and Union with thole that have greater weakneffes than this. XXVII. 25'. It may be Schilmatical to call men out of the Church for that which yet may be Schifinatical in the pLrfon tò ejec`Ied : If he depart from the Church though Schifmatically only in Come accident, circumfrance, or fome one a : or thing of no neceffìty to communion or falvation; we think he may not be excom- municated, e.g. for not paying Fees at theChan- cellonrs Court, or inch like. For as God de- parteth not from fi u rs firfr, or further than they depart from him ; fo we humbly conceive the Church thould imitate him ; retnembring how- Chrifr that carne nor to deftroy mens lives, but to lave them, rebuked the Sons of Thunder that would have had him deftroy thole that refuted to receive him, telling them That they knev not what maimcr of fsrit they. were On