Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

On the other fide, it may be Schifin to fepa= rate from a Church that hath fome Schifmatical Principles, Practices, and Perfons, if t hofè be not fuch or fo great as to neceffitare our depar- ture from them : For alas , it is too few Churches that are fo happy as to have nothing; and do nothing which is Schifmatical. XXVIII. 26, Gathering NewChurches by way of Separation from others,. or gathering Affem. blies without the content of the lawful Paftors, who had the charge of the People of thole Af- femblies, is a fin and Schifm in all thefe Cafes fallowing. r. In generai, when the Laws, Practices, or Perfons of the Church which they feparate from, give them nof<fcient eauft ofa departure. 2. In general when in the judgment of true reafon, according to the notable evidence ofthe cafe, the faid Alfemblies are like to do more hurt than good. 3. When fuch Alfemblies are gathered in op- pofition to fome 7ruth which theSeparaters would thereby difovvn (e. g. Infant-Baptifm, the la«-- fulnefs of Set-forms of Praife or Prayer, or any found Doctrine;) or for the profeffion and pro- pagation of fome Herefie or Error (as Antino- pnianifin, Popery, &c.) . 4. When fuch Churches are gathered by men that have no true Fitnefs and Calling for the Sa cred Miniftry, or the work which they under- take. S. When they are gathered by the pride of the Miniffers, that would thereby unduly let up themfelves, and draw away Difciples after them; or by their covetoufnefs,feeking not the good of the