Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C4g] the Flock, but the Fleece ; not them, but theirs ; not ferving the Lord Jens, but their own Bel- lies : Or when gathered, by the Pride of the .People, that unjufly think thofe that they fepa- rate from, men unworthy oftheir Communion, and fay to them, Come not near tous, we are ho- lier than you, Ifa. 65. 5. 6. When they are gathered 'by a quarrelfom Páffron, falling out with the Faftors and People whom they feparate from. The parting of Paid and Barnabas had force evil in it. 7. When they are gathered to encourage and firengthen a finful FaUion or Party, or when wren feparate from others for fear of being çerrfured by fuch a party, as Peter did withdraw from the Gentile Chriftians, left he thould difpleafe the erroneous levees Gal.. 2, $. When it is done out of á proud overvaluing ofmensown opinions, , or force odd fingularity, wherebymen cannot bear thofe that are not of their mind, or whereby they would fain be be more confpicuous as more Orthodox and Wife than others. 9. When it is done miftakingly to fet up force Wrong courte ofChurch Government or worfhip ( As that the People May have_tbe Power of the. Keyes, or of examining and judging all admitted members, or that Papal Government or the mats may be introduced enthuf4fiical diforderl , talking by pretended infpiration, by ignorant uncalled men, or to introduce fuch traditions and fupertitions, as the Papifts ufè, ó(c,) io. When it is done upon a falte conceit that 'a mans preferce with any Church that bath known errour or,faults in doctrines or worthipi IS