Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

is a guilty' approving of them,and therefore drat they muff feparate from all fuch. r r. When they feparate out of an ttnruli refs of fpirit, becaufe they will not be governed by their lawful Paftors in lawful things, as time place, order., &c. or becaufe a Minor part in ele Lions is overvoted by the major part, and cannot have their wills. 12. When they feparate out ofa prophanenefs ofmind,not enduring the power ofthe Preachers dottrine, or the holinefs and difciphne of the Church, but would be licentious, while they would be called Religious. All thefe are unlawful feparations, and affemblings. Yet that which is unlawful as to the PriNciple, End and Menner, fecsindum quid, is not al waies unlawful fimply, and in the thing it felf, for a proud,covetous turbulent perfon may finfully do a Lawful thing. XXIX. 27. When Paftors by concord,, or Magiftrates by Laws have fetled Lawful Cir- cumßances or Accidents ofChurch Order or War- ftip, or Difcipline, though they be. in particular but humane Inftitutions, it is Sinful difobedi.ence to violate them without neceffary reafon. e. á. Parochial Order, Affociations, Times, Places -, Minifters, Maintenance , Scripture-Tranflati- ons, &c. XXX. 28. When able faithful Paftors are lawfully fet over the Affe.mbl ies, by juf EleEt on andOrdinntion,ifany will caufelefly, and without right filence them, and command the people to defert them, and to take others for their Paftors in their head, of whom they have no fuels' knowledge as may encourage them to fuch a change,