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Ch. 27. The crucifying St. Matthew. ofChrilt. Ch. 27, 38. N. Thus was he numbered with the is ro. fay, My God, My Gocl, why haft' Tranfgreflburs, to expiate tranfgceSiior,s. thoufoffakcn rae? 39. And they that patted by, re- 46. Note, He either fpake in the Sÿriack viled him, wagging their heads. 4o. Tongue, Pfal. 22. 1. (which was a Pr.phefie And faying, Thou that defiroyeít of him) or as Come think the exprels Hebrew the temple, and buildefi' it in three words, the' now varioufly written. days, fave thy felt: if thou be the 2. By God'a jorfakiag him, is not meant a-' ny abatement of Divine Love: But that God Sonof God, come down from the both expofed him to this death by wicked trots. 4r Likewife alto the chief men, and withdrew from his human nature the Priefís mocking him,with the fcribes f°nlèofhis complacence, and let out upon his and elders, faid, 42. He Caved others, Soul a deep afflicting tenfe of his ditpleadire again(}man for fin, which was 'his penalty as himfelf he cannot fave : ifhe be the he was our furery, and buffered inh our Bead as king of Ifrael, let him now come a facritice for our fin. 3. Chrift was thus far down from the trots, and we will for(àken for us, that we might never be quite believe him. 43. He trufted in God ; forfaken. let him deliver him now, if he will 47. Some of them that flood there, have him : for he faid, I am the Son when they heard that, laid, This man calleth for Elias. of God. 39, ire. Nate, Had thefe known him, and foreknown what would follow, this from had been foreborn. z. They makehis own words the matter of their accufation, by perverting them. .A way Sill u(ed by fuch men. 3. They turn his profeffronofhimfelf into (corn, little knoeing that this derided King would judge them andall the world. 4. They turn his La- ving ofothers into, his deciden : Neither the Goodnefs, nor the Greatnefs of his miraculous works will teirain them. 5. They turn his very relation to God, and mutt in him, to his fcorn. 6. Infidels will prefcribe (Ira the terms on which they will believe in him, or ellé they will not believe : But the faithful take God's terms and cogent evidences, and pre(iuue not to prelcribe terms unto him -. 44. The thieves alto which were crucified with him, caft the fame in his teeth. - 44.. Note, r. All confpire to reproach the Son of God. z. When we are in faltering, all forts take liberty toload him that is raft down: As in wars all talk againft them that are con- quered. 3. The thieves here are laid to do that, which only one of them did, (a ulual T hrafe. 45 Now from the sixth hour there was darknefs over all the land unto the ninth hour. 45 N. It was extraordinary darknefs s but not fo great as to hinder convene : therefore it did notconvince them. 2. The Sun muS not thine on that odious fad, which yet the hardened agents glory in, and in darknefs go on in the works of darknefs. 46. And about the ninth hour, Jefus cried with a loud voice, -íay- ing, Eli, Eli, lames fabacthani ? that 47. N. It is uncertain whether they fpake this in ignorance of the Language, whether. Hebrew (which the yews had forgotten) or Syriack (which the Roman Soldiers might not underftand :) Or, (which is more probable) in mere profanefcorn. 48. And2craightway one ofthem ran, and took ,a fpunge, and filled it with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink. 49. The rePt faid, Let be, let us fee, whether Elias will come to Pave him. 48.49 N. In mere fcorn. 5o. Jefus, when he had cried a- gain with a loud voice, yielded up the Ghoft O. N. Luke tells us hisIaf words, [Father nasa thyhand Icommend my Spirit) 5r. And behold, the vail of the temple was rent in twain, from the top to the bottom ; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent, 52. And the graves were opened, and many bodies of faints which slept arofe. 53. And came out ofthe graves af- ter his refurre &ion, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. 51, ere. N. By the veil Come think is meant a Curtain hanged s others fay , The Bone wall that was built between the inner Sanetu- ary and the outer: This renting fignified the ending of the Jewish Law and San&nary, and theopening to us an accefs to God by Chria. The Earthquake, and the rendingofthe Rocksand opening cf theGraves went Mined= before hisRelùrrection : But the riling and ap. tä a pawing