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The Gofpel according to St. L U K E. sali , CHAP.I. t.. Orafinuch as many have ta- ken in hand to fet forth in jj order a declaration of thole things which are molt furely be- lieved among us, 2. Even as they delivered them unto . us , which from the beginning were eye-wit- neffss, and minilters of the word : r . Divers having publifhed the Declaration or Hiftory in order, of thofe matters of Fad and Do&rive, which have been done, and are fully believed among us Chriftians. 2. Even as thofe men did faithfully deliver then to us, who from the beginning were eye-witneffes of the works of jails, and Minifters who attended him, and have preached his word. 3. It feemed good to me alto, having had perfec4 underflanding of all things from the very firff, to 'write unto thee in order, molt ex- cellent Theophilus, 3. I alto thought good to write the like 1-iiftory in order to thee, molt excellent The - eph9lua , 'both to confirm what is by others written, and to add, efpecially in the begin. zing of the.Hiftory, what -in others is omit- -red; havinginy felf by very diligent feärch, got-full notice of theft matters from the very brit, which-others mention g. That thou mightelt know the certainty of thole things Wherein thou haft been initrufted. 4. Thatl may contribute my endeavonr'to encreafe thy knowledge, and confirm thy be- lief of thofe things concerning lefus Chrift, which thou haft already learned among vs. 5."d"`Here was in the days of He- rod the king of Judea, a cer- tain priefl named Zacharias, of the courfe of Abia : and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth. tTC Note, The Families of the Priefls off:cia- tëd"in their courts, and .Abz,a't courfe was the 8th of old, t Chem. a;. to. After it was the a ath, Nehem. 12. t. And after that the ele. venth, Nehem. la: 17. 6. And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the com- mandments and ordinances of the Lord, blamelefs. . 6. They were both finoere; godly perlen,, living in true obedience to all the Command. ments and Ordinances of God, according to the Law and light which they were under, Without the blot of any grofs or fcandulous Sin. 7. And they had no child, be caufe that Elizabeth was barren, and they bothwere flom'well firiclten in years. 8. And it came to pals, that while he executed the priefl's office before God in the order of his courfe. 9. According to the cullom of the priefi's office, his lot was to burn incenfe when he went into the temple of the Lord. so. And the whole multitude of the people were praying without, at the rime of incenfe. 7, 8, 9, to. Note,' The Pricft went into the San:.tuary to offer, and the people that while prayed without the San&nary, not without the Temple. -In imitation of-which our Temples ufually are built in three parts ; The Chancel for the Clergy the .Body of the Church for the Laity, and all below the Font for the Ca- techumens, and fufpended, who are no Com- municants ; (as the outward' Court was for Gentiles.) I r. And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord, handing on the right: tide of the altar of' incenfe. na. And when Zacharias law hint, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him. r 3. But the angel laid unto him, Fear nor, Zacharias : for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Eli- faheth fhall bear thee a fon, and thou (halt call his name John iq.. And thou