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Ch.9. Chrifl's deathforetold. St. Luke. C.hrifl's Iranfiguration, C11.9. of the elders and chief priefls, his raiment was white and glittering. and fcribes, and be flain, and be 3o. And behold, there talked with railed again the third day: him two men, which were Mofes 22: All this is part of the Goapel whichyou and Elias. 35. Who appeared in muff hereafter preach; and when this is done, glory, and fpake of his deceafe which it will he feafonable to preach it. 23. And he fait to them all, If he fhould acomplifh at Jerufalem. any man will come after me, let bins deny himfelf, and take up his crofs, daily, and follow me. 24. For whofoever will fave his life, fhall lofe it : but whofoever will lófe his life for my fake, the fame {hall fave it. 23, 24. Carnal Self-love, and the I've of worldly p:olperity 'being mans lapfed finful fine : it is from thefe that I come to Cave men ; and therefore will fave none, but by laving them from thefe, and teaching them to deny their carnal felves, and worldly prelperity. 25. For what is a man advanta- ged, if he- gain the whole world, and lofe himlëlf, or be cad away ? 2$. See on Matti. co. and Mark 8. Alas then, for how littlea partof this vain world do millions fell their Souls I 26. For whofoever fill be afha- med of me and of my words, of him fhall the Son of man be afha- med, when he {hall come in his own glory and in his Father's, and of the holy angels. 26. They that to rave their eftates or lives, are afhamed now to own me and the Gofpe!, I will refer`} them as afhamed to own them, or filch asthem, in the day of Glory, and their Extremity in Jut gment. 27. But I tell you of a truth, there be fonte ftanding here which droll not tafle of death till they fee the kingdom of God. 27. Nate; All the three Ecangelifts prefixing this immediately before the Hiftory of Chrift's Transfiguration, do plainly tell os, that it was that glanpfe of his Glory which he meant. 28. And it came to pafs about an eight days after thefe fayings, he took Peter, and John, and James, and went up into a mountain to pray. 28. Math. x7. T. Saith, after fix days, not reckoning the two parts of the foregoing and the loft day. 29. And as he prayed, the fafhion of his countenance was altered, and 32. But Peter, and they that were with him, were heavy with deep : and when they were awake, they law his glory, and the two men that flood with him. 33. And it came to pars, as they departed from him, Peter Paid unto Jefus, Haller, it is good for us to be here ; and let us make three tabernacles, one for thee, and one for Mofes, and one for Elias : not knowing what he faid. 34. While he thus fpake,there came a cloud and overfhadowed them : and they feared as they en- tred into the cloud, 3 5. And there came a voice out of the cloud, lay- ing, This is my beloved Son, hear him. 29, 30, 3r, 52, 33, 34, 3r. See on Matti. 17. I have largely opened all this in my Book called. My Dying Thoughts. Asee ; Ifthis glimpfe of Glory-was fo fweet, why do we fear to pals hence into the bleliid Vifionand Fruition. 36. And when the voice was paf, Jefus was found alone : and they kept it dole, and told no man in thofe days any of thofe things which they had feen. 36. For Chritt fo commanded. 37. And it came to pals, that on the next day, when they were come down from the hill, much people met him. 38. And behold, a man of the company cried out, Paying, Mailer, I befeech thee, look upon my fo-n, for he is mine onely child. 39. And lo, a fpirit taketh him, and he fuddenly crieth out, and he tear- eth him that he foameth again, and bruiting him, hardly departeth from him. 4o. And I befought thy di- fciples to call him out, and they could not. 41. And Jefus anfwe- ring, faid, O faithlefs and perverfe generation, how lo-aig (hall I be with r