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Ch.rz. Unpardonable fin, St. Matthew. what it ir. Ch. U. i2 zi; the prince of the devils. 2S. And N. In War Men tore to fay of their own Soldi- Jefus knew their thoughts, and íáió C1' IHethat to notfor us is againft us, and to be counted an Enemy;] Bat of theCountrymenand . unto them, Every kingdom divided the Enemies Quarters, fife that is not against ur againlir it fell is brought to defolati- lefor us:] that is, If he do us no harm, he on : and every city or houle divided againft it Self, {hall not {land. 26. And. if Satan call out Satan, he is divided againft himfelf; how {hall then his kingdom {land ? 24, &c. The rharifèes could not deny the matter of fad., it bringnotorious, and there- fore they had no fhife left for their unbelief, but faying, that .41fuels works are not cf God. The PrinceofDevils, to deceive the People, giveth him power to cast out Devils, and do his Mi- racles. But Chrift raid, If the Devil have a Kingdom, he bath wit to preferve ir. Is it the pevil's work to do good to mens Souls and Bodies? If holy do&ripe, and caging out de- vils, and healing thedifeafed, be againft Satan and his Kingdom, then he is .againft himfelf, Both us good, and let us ufe him kindly. So Chrift faith ofprofefiChriftians; If they be not. effe&ually for me, I will judge them as urea- cherous and againft me, and Ih,ll not lave them. But of thofe without theChurch, he faith, He that is not against us is for us; that is, tho', he benot himfelf in a Bare ofSalvation as true Christians are, yet it's commendable to do us no harm, and the Church is afiined by fuch fair and moderate unbelievers. 3 r. Wherefore I fay 'unto ,you, All manner of fin and blafphemy {hall be forgiven unto men : butthe blafpemyagainfi the holy Ghoft lhail not be forgiven unto men. 32. And whofoever fpeaketh, a word againft if he be the author of it. Kingdom, City, the Son ofman, it {hall be forgiven or Houle will not Band if it be divided and him : butwhofoever fpeaketh againft fight againft it fell. the holyGhoft, it {hall not be forgi. 27. And if I by Beel-zebub call ven him, neither in this -world, net- out devils, by whom do your chil- ther in the world to come. "dren call them out ? therefore they sr, 32. All other En and blafphemy againft Mall be your judges. a8. But if I me, as I appear in my humane nature, bath call out devils by the Spirit o£ God, fomé excufe, and maybe cured; and fo be par- t' P doped: But feeing the great works of the Holy then the kingdom of God is come GhoR done byme, and to be doneby nayDt- `unto you. fciples, in Miracles and San&ilication, are the 27, 28. And' ifyou think me a Conjurer agreatelt evidencesthat God will give the world and Confederate with Satan, what fay you of to convince them ofthe truth of my Gofpel; your ownCountrymen my Difciples, who cal he that is convinced of the Fa& that all shell them out by the power they receive from me? Miracles and this Holinefs is wrought, and will Are they 'all Conjurers too? Therefore they yet deny it to he God's arteftation,-and blafphe- ':fhall be witnefs againft your unbelief and !alai- madly hand to ir, that it's the work of the phemy. But if all this be certainly done by me, Devil, this man reje&eth the greaten evidence, -by no lets power than the Spirit ofGod, you and Snail have no greater, and fo his infidelity Should fee that this is God's attenation to me, is incurable, and aggravated with blafphemy and that his Kingdom is cone, in which the and-obfìinacy, and will never be repented of, Mefliah is to conquer Satan, and deftroy his not forgiven. Works. Note, This blafpheming the Holy Ghee, 29." Or elfe, ho .v can one enter r. Is the fin of none bur relblved Infidels s, And filch of them only as are convinced of into a {bong man's houle and fpoil the great works, of theHoly Ghoft, miraculous his goods, except he fir& bind the .and others. 3. And yet rather than they will {bong man ? and then he will fpoil believe in Chrift by this Divine Tenimony, will his houle. believe and fay, that it is bythe Devil andCon- 2g. How could I raft out Satan from his /oration that all this is done. PofSeffron, and deftroy his Works, if I did nor See 'my Trearile -of the Blafphemy of the overcome him. HolyGild}, MITT Book called, The tsnreofona- G cuSí1 cf Infidelity. 30. He that is not with me; as '.Either make the tree good, againft i to : and "he that gather ti andhis fruit good ; or elfe make the not with me, fcattereth abroad. 30. So far am I from working by theDevil, tree corrupt,` and his fruit corrupt : that I take him for my. Enemy that dodo not foe thetree is known by his fruit, fern mein my oppolition to his Kingdom, and .° , 3;. judge of the Tree by toe Fruit : Ofthe will j:dge hire as are that is for Sarin. Lower