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Ch. I The.004ygrow in Jude. Grace by Prayer. Ch. l! and Aaron, Maoidrates and Apottles, and (hall men that weremore knowing than all others peril as theydid (ínYhiloCophical Fancies, andme Orders ofstn: 1 2. Thefe are fpots in your feaftsof gels, and Ages,and Things above, and ofChri- charit when they feaft with you, ataa tige oft'hem LIME tsl the for y, y y advantage of themfelvesánd of their Seá, who feeding themfelves without fear : are. their Leaders and chiefFavourers. clouds they are without water, carried 17. But beloved, remember ye the about of winds; trees whofefruit wi- words which were fpoken before of thereth, without fruit, twice dead, the apoftles ofour Lord Jefus Chrift : plucked up by the roots. 8. How that they told you there 32. Tkfe are the Difnace of your Love. !Mould be mockers in the Jail time,who feafìs and Communion, which they turn into a ftfould walk after their own ungo Senfual Fead, not fearing Prophanation or Ex- lins. g y cefs : Hypocrites, like empty Clouds, that wa- ter not the Earth, but carried about with the 17, t 8. Butremember the words which Pe Winds ofWorldly Intereft or SeduEfion ; like ter and other Alm,filet have fpoken heretofore, fruitful Trees, twice dead and rooted up by that cold you fuck men fftould come, and keep to the firtt Do Apofafie from their firft Pfofeflion, ctrine of the rpoftlea. Note, It is a wonder thatthe Apoftle no more t9.Thefe be they who leparate them. reproveth them foradmitting fach to their Corn. felves, fenfual, having not thefpirit. 3hunion, as it feemeth by theft words they did. x9. Thefe feparatethemfelves into a diftind 13. Raging wavesof the fea3foming Se&, as if they were above the Jpollofical out their own flame ; wandring flats, Churches; but their aétions (stew That they are fenfual, carnal men, not at all fans ifiedand ui_ to whom is referved the blacknefs of g tied by God's Spirit, as theFaithtiul be. darknefs for ever. 20. But ye beloved, building up rs. Unquiet, fierce and raging perfans, who your f:Ives on our molt holy faith while theypour out ill words ofothers, do but y , Foam outtheir own litame:`Teachers they will praying in the holy Ghoft. 21. Keep needs be, as Stars to the Chwrches: but they your felves in the loveof God, looking are but Erreetickstars orCowers, that (hall end for the mercy ofour Lord Jefus Chrift in endlefs darktìei to themfelves, white they unto eternal life. boadof light to others. 20 2 t. But ye, Beloved, muff be quiteother t4. And Enoch alfo, the feventh men from theCe; they build fenfuelity, tempo. from Adam, prophelied ofthefe, fry- rizing and feparatiou upon Errour andproud ing, Behold, the Lord cometh with Self -conceit : but you mull build up your felves ten thoufandsofhis faint, r S.Tq exe- and oneanother in Holinefs, upon your Divine and mois holy Faith. Theyare fenfual, !riving cute judgment upon all, and tocon- not the Spirit. You mull, as men in who -vince all that are ungodly among them God's Spirit dwells and rules, pray in the Holy of all their ungodly deeds which they hoft, even with tholeholy and fervent dea have ungodlily committed, and of all Rtes which the Spirit ofGod eaciteth in yad their hard fpeeChes, which ungodly fin- `rfiey are revolted from true Faith ánd Love s nets have fpoken a ainft him. lion mud Love God's Spirit nd to your Truth, and. 1 g upfeigcïd to God, and his Truth, arul 14, 11. Nate I. It's like this Prophecy of one another, waiting in Faith and Hope for Hensel:was receiv'd by Tradition. 2. Thisde- Etemäl Life by God's Mercy inChrif£ Alms, Cure is not of the deftruáìion ofyera. 22. And of Tome have compafhon, blee o allt thewicked, and the Malignant a ttAd- a difference. 23.'And others yerfaries ofGodline&. Cave with fear, pulling them out ofthe 16. Thefeare murmurers, complai- fire : hatingeven the garment fpotted Hers, walking after their own lulls, and by the Mist their mouth fpeaketh great fwelling 22. 21. A d as to your dealing with filch words, having tnCnS perfOnS in admi- erroneousmen, it mull be diff_rently,as they dal ter, even tenderly and compaffionately with ration becaufe of advantage. Cone, and with others you nu & deal more fer- t6. Thefe are men that ('well, and murmure, venrly andSharply, as withLot in Sodom,or men and complain againft Government, and all that in a houfe that is op fire, whole death, if not crofs their Opinions or Lugs after whioh they quickly prévented, you mull fear, and therefore Walk ; and they pfe bigand boating words, as he importunate with rheum ; but leek to fave there¡