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Ch. 19. The danger St. Matthew. ofriches. Ch. 19. heard that faying, he went away for- 29. And every one that bath for rowful : for he hadgreat poffeffons. faken houfes,or brethren,or fillers, or 22. But this feemed fò hard a Motion to father, or mother, or wife, or chii- him, that he wouldnot confent, but wept a- dren, or lands for my name's fake way forrowful ; for he was very rich. (hall receive an hundred-fold , and 23. Then Paid Jefus unto his dif fhall inherit everlahing life. tiples, Verily I fay unto you, that 29. And it ía not you only, but all others a rich man fhall hardly enter into that lofe and foxlike any thing here, fc,c my the kingdom of heaven. 24. And Name.fake, in hope of the Kingdom ofHea- again I lay unto you, It is ealter for ven, Malik fo great gainers by ir, that they a camel to go through the eye of a Piall have in this Life a hundred-fold better y ín value than they loft, and in the World to needle, then for a rich man to en- ware Fverlafting Life Theworn condition of ter into the kingdom of God. the Faithful, is an I3undred times better than 23, 24. The difficulty ofa Rich-Man's be- others. ing a found Chriftian and faved is great, that 3c. But many that are firfl, Ihall I stray exprefs it by the common Proverb, of be laft and the !aft 'ball be firíl. a Camels going through a Needle's Eye. 30. But as to the degree of Glory, I mutt 25. When his difciples heard it, tell yon, ir will not be given according to pri- they were exceedingly amazed, fay- chit). of Age, or Converfron, but accordingto ing, Who then can be faved? 26. the preparations of Grace. And many that But Jefus beheld them, and faid unto are now called, and have lets Holinefs, will them, With men this is urtpo(jible, have lets Glory, than many that will be more Eminent Saints many Ages hence. but with God all things are pofíible. 2s, 26. This amazing the Difciples; he faid, So naturallyand ftrongly do men love this Word, and its Profperiry, and fo hard- ly do they believe, and love the unfeenHea- venly Felicity, that it is impoffible for meer fleetly Man, to make fo great a change upon the heart; But the Grace of Almighty God, can, andwill do it. 27. Then anfivered Peter , and laid unto him, Behold, we have for- faken all, and followed dice ; what shall we have therefore ? 27. Peter laid, We have contented to thy t rms, and forlaken All, and followed thee ; What !tall be our reward ? 28. And Jefus laid unto them, Ve- rily I fay unto you, that ye which have followed me in the regenera- tion, when the Son of man Shall fit in the throne of his glory, ye alfo (hall fit upon twelve thrones, judg- ing the twelve tribes of Ifrael. uf. Fear not being lofers by forfaking all , You that have fincerely forfaken All for me, (hall in n Kingdom and future State, have rulingPower, Dignity and Honour. Note, It is doubted by Expofitora, Whe- ther this fpeak only of chief Power on Earth in the Catholick Church, and anfwerable Glo- ry in Heaven ; Or of any peculiar reign over the Tribes of /Pad, in Heaven, or on Earth, after the Refitrreftion, The General fenfe ins lyre, rho what more there is bedoubtful , C H A P. XX. r. *COr the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an houfholder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers intohis vineyard, 2. And when he had a- greed with the labourers for a pe- ny a day, be fent them into his vineyard, t, 2. Nate, The Parable is to Thew, That God will not give men more Glory than others, betaute they were the firft Chriflians; but, be- cauie his Grace had made them the belt, the) in time after others, 3. And he went out about the third hour, and faw others /landing idle in the market-place, 4. And laid unto them, Go ye alto into the vineyard, and whatfoever is right, I will give you. And they went their way. 5. Again he went out about the faith and ninth hour, and did likewife. 6. And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others handing idle, and faith unto them; Why fland ye here all the day idle? y. They fay unto him, Becaufe nq n;atl hath hired us, He faith unto E OM,