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I Ch. 2o.7he Labourersbired. St.Matthew. Late calledpaid. Ch.20: them, Go ye alto into the vineyard, and whatfoever is right, that íha11 ye receive. 3, &c. The Hourswere about Nine a Clock, and at Twelve, and at Three, and at Five. God is not for idlenefs; but hath work for all times and Ages. 8. So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard, faithunto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the 1aft unto the first. 8. Note, God's reward is in the evening of our days, and the evening of the World; when Work is done 9. And when they came that mare hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. ro. But when the first came, they fuppofed that they íhould have re- ceived more, and they likewife re- ceived every man a penny. 1r. And when they had received it, they murmured againft the good- man of the houfe, 12. Saying, Thefe r a. 14. rg. I break no Covenant with thee : Thou art not meet to give me Laws ofEquity : Liberality to another, is no wrong to thee. Am not I the rightful difpofer of my own ? Muft I give none more than the Value of their Work deferveth? All !hall have equity, but all fhall not have equal boun- ty. Thou fhouldft be glad of thy Brother's receivings. 16 So the laít null be first, and the farII 1aí} : for many be called, but few chofen. r6. So the fall called in time, maybe made the Chief in Dignity ; and the fait called in time, may be in Grace and Glory among the loweft. Yea, of many that come into the Church at the fir(} calling (as the yewfh Di- fciples) few may prove fincere and be Paved. 17. AndJefus going up to Jerufa- lem, took the twelve difciples apart in the way, and laid unto them, r 8. Behold , we go up to Jerufalem, and the Son of man íhall be betrayed unto the chief priefts, and unto the fcribes, and they íhall condemn him to death, 19. Atad íhall deliver him laít have wrought but one hour, to the Gentiles to mock , and to and thou haft made them equal unto fcourge, and to crucifie him : and the us, which have born the burden and third day he íhall rife again. heat of the day. 19. IS. 19. He foretold them, that at q. to. tI. 12. Hemade no difference in 3erafalem he Should Sutter, be Crucified, and their Wages for the Time of their Work : But Rife again, &e, hewill make difference for the Work it fits': Note, This frequent Predi&Tion was a fill They that are called, near the end of the proof of Chrift's truth and voluntary Suffer- World, shall have as much, as thofe that heard ing. Chrift Preach : And thofe that are Converted in their Age, if they be more Holy, than ao. Then came to him the mo- thofe that began in Youth, will be more Hap- ther of Zebedee's children, with her py. 2. This Parable meaneth not, that our tons, worfhipping him, and defiring Reward is Wagesfor the value of oar Work, as beneficial to God, in Commutative Juflice : a certain thing of him. 21. And but only fpeaketh of the proportion. 3. Nor he faid unto her, What wilt thou? Both it imply, That any in Heavenwill mur- She faith unto him, Grant that thefe mur at other mens Salvation , but that the my two fons may fit, the one on thy lennfia Difciples were yer inclined to grudge, right hand , and the other on the that the Gentiles were equalled with them. left in thy ingdom. And it is to cure Such envy now. k i 3. But he anfwered one of them, 20, 21. N. Ambition is even in Chrift's and laid, Friend, I do thee no wrong fcekip1es, till Special Grace humble them ; b reeking Preferment and Honour in the Church, didít not thou agree with me for a is a Vice that Chrift giveth us this warning to penny ? 04. Take that thine is, avoid. Carnality is apt to corrupt the Minds andgo thy way : I will give unto even of Eminent Minifters and Disciples. this laít, even as unto thee. i g. Is 22. But Jefus anfwered and Paid, it not lawful for me to do what I Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye will with mine own ? is thine eye able to drink of the cup that I evil, becaufe I am good ? íhall drink of, and to be baptized with the