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againft the twobrethren. becaufe they fhould hold their peace: 24. Aste, r: As lome are prone to Ambition, but they cried the more , faying, fo others to envy them , and be too much Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou offended. 2. This ambitious part of Chtltt's fon of David. Minifter's here, began Difcontent that tended 29, 30, 31.. The Blind hearing by fame; to Schifm, had not Chrift loon rebuked it. 3. that he healed all, cryed to him for , Mercy be.. Chriff'sown Apoftles had their mutual Di- hewing that he could heal them. Rafts. 2s. But Jefus called them unto him , and faid, Ye know that the Princes of the Gentiles exercife dominion over them, and they that are great, exercife authority upon them. 26. But it fhall not be fo among you : but whofoever will be great among you, let him be your minifter. 27. Andwhofoever will be chief among you, let hilt be your fervant. 25, 26, 27. Chrift rebuketb thefe ambitious delires of Superiority among them, and faith, The Civil Government by the Sword, which the Gentiles exercife, is as Lords by force and fear, and the Great in ftrength command the reff to do their wills. But in my Church ás fuch, among you my Difciples it (hall not be fo: But (though you mutt be fubje& to the coercive Government ofMagiftrates, yet) your own proper Government and preeminence (hall be, by ferviceable Humility and Love, over Volunteers : Church- greatnefs (hall confift Ch.zo. Difciples ambition. St.Matthew. Church Power what.Ch.zo the baptifm that I ambaptized with? in being molt greatly ferviceable to the con- They fay unto himwe areable. verfion and Edificationof Soots, and in molt 22. You think to find Worldly Honour humble condefcention to that end: And he and Dignity in my Kingdom, but you are !hall be accounted the Chief Paftor and Chri- miftaken ; It is Suffering forme, that you mutt Dian, who is melt humbly ferviceable to all. exile& : Can you drink of this bitter Cup, as And theProud, and Domineering, and Unfer I muff do, and be baptized in blood, as I viceable , !hail be the loweft or Uaiè(t. muff be? And they over confidently anfwered, 28. Even as the Son of man came We are able : Not knówing their tryal, or not to be tniniflred unto, but to mi- their weaknefs. nifter, and togive his life a ranforn 21. And he faith unto them, Ye for (many. thatl drink indeed of my cup, and 28. As I my felfcame not to live in State; be baptized with the baptifm that I with great Attendance of Servants, but to ferve Men for their good; not to receive by am baptized with: but to fit on my right hand, and on my left, is not their fervice to me, but to Pave them by my mine to give, but itJimil be g iven to Service for thenym, and giving my very Life a them . Fatheror whom it is prepared of my 29. And as they departed from 23. Ye !hall indeed fttffer more than now Jericho, a great multitude followed you think of (lames was quickly Martyr'd :) him. 3ó. And behold two blind But to be in my Kingdom, is not to be men fitting by the way-fide, when givenby me Upon fuch -petitioning, but only they heard that Jefus paired by, cri- to thofe whom my Father bath prepared it, ed out, faying , H and who(hall be fi ave mercy on tte%for it ? 24. And when the ten heard it, us, O Lord, thou fonof David. 3 r. they were moved with indignation And the multitude rebuked them, 32. And Jefus flood $ill, and cal-, led them, and faid, What will ye. that Ifhall do unto you? 32. Note, Believers may have what they will of Chrift, which is meet for them, and they for it. 33. They fay unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened. 34- So Jefus had compafon on them, and touched their eyes : and imme- diately their eyes received fight, and they followed him. 33, 34. Note, r. Bodily Calamities are ea.: lily felt, and Bodily Welfare is eafily defired. 2. And -tho Chrift molt value thofe who pre: fer SpiritualMercies, yet he bath compaffion alfo on mens Bodies, as ferviceable to their Souls, and to his Glory. CHAP. XXI. r. A Nd when they drew nigh unto Jerufalem, and were come t4 Beth