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11" Ch. z r. Hofanna. St. Matthew. The Templecleanfed. Ch.z z: Bethphage, unto the mount of O.. verilyPeace or Profperiry, andGlory to G,d, and lives, then fent Jefus two difciples, Man 'with God. 2. Saying unto them, Go into the I o. And when he was come into villageover againfl you, and f}raight- Jerufalem all the city was moved, way ye fhall find an afs tied, and a faying, Who is this ? . r r. And the colt with her : loofe them and bring multitude laid, This is Jefus , the them unto me. 3. And if any man Prophet of 1Vazrareth ofGalilee. fay . ought unto you, y e fhall fay, o, r t, The Citizens all come to fee who it g f y, was, that came in foapplauded: And the peo- The Lord hath need ofthem ; and pie that accompanied him in, told them, It firaightway he will fend them. g. is jefus, the famous Prophet whofe Miracles All this was done, that it might be you have heard of fulfilled which was fpoken by the r s. And Jefus went into the rein- prophet, faying, 5. Tell ye the pie of God, and cafe out all them daughter of Sion, Behold, thy king that fold and bought in the temple, cometh unto thee, meek, and fitting andoverthrew the tables ofthe mo- Upon an als, and a colt the foie of ney-changers, and the feats of them an afs. that fold Doves, 13 And faid un- t. &c. Note, Chrilt's way of Travail was to them, It is written, My houle (hall as poor mens, on Foot : And it was the rich be called the houfe ofprayer ; but ye fort of perlons thatrode on Affes, (they being have made it a den of thieves. there bigger than our,) and only Men ofgreat State of War that rod on Hodes. And 12, 53. In this State he went on to the Chtit knowing thatthe People would at his Temple, and as one in Power, he talc out Entrance into jerufalem, applaudhim with Ha them that had turned the Temple into a Market- 'mina, as the Maier) and the King of the yews, Place, to furnish Men with Sacrifices; and o- refolved to own their Teftimony fo far, as to verehrew the Tables of them that like Gold. ride in, in fume State. a. Tho both the Ali fmiths or Bankers exchang'd Money for advan. avdColt he looted, and brought; it was the tage ; Alledging Ifa. 5 6. 7. My Houle, &c. Ye Cok only that Chrifirode on. have made a Market-place of it, where theCo- 6. And the difciples went, and vetoes defraudMen for gain. did as Jefus commanded them, 14. And the blind and the lame 7. And brought the afs, and the came to him in the temple, and he colt, and put on them their clothes, healed them. and they let him thereon. E. And r4. Hewrought out his Miracles openly is the Temple, as he had done in the Country , avery great multitude fpread their 15. And when the chief priefls garments in the way ; others cut and fcribes law the wonderful things down branches from the trees, and that he did, and the children crying flrawed them in the way. 9. And in the temple, and faying, Hofanna the multitudes that went before, and to the fon of David ; they were fore that followed, cried, laying, Ho- difpleafed, 16. And Paid unto him, fanna to the Son of David : Welled Heard: thou what thefe fay? is he that cometh in the name of the r s, 16. The Rulers that knew they were Lord, Hofanna in the ltighefl. under the Roman Power, and law that Iefus 6, g, 8, 9. N. This was the common peo- was not like to deliver them from it, were pie's Proclaiming himKing, and the Megiah; greatlydifpleafed when they heard the inferioar Spreading Garments and Fought being their Multitude, and Youths crying him up as the Solemnization, and H.fanna their Acclamation; King, as:d 1 yfiah, and Paid, Heare/t tints what fa Word which figeiñcth Gave new] and was theft fay of thee; ar;;t thou fnffer them to mile a Mid with that ( re of Pomp.) (Ille(!ed is he Sedirlanfar thee, and expfe us all to the Romans ¡bat roroeth in t t' Name cf the Lard] tignified Wrath. g!<mfid be the Me,qiah and King, whom we 16. And Jefus faith unto them, have long looked for, and God hath now Yea ; have ye never read, Out of To which in Luk is added, (Peace in Heaven, and Glory in the Higheff :3 That is, Let the mouth of babes and fucklings the He,,-verily Praferity and Glcry come down thou haft perfeéled praife ? s;pon the Krngelm;, and his Kingdom tend ro kica- 16. Yca, es it Written. Pfal. 8, 2.6-e: N, Thu