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Ch. 2 E. Chrifi gueftioned. St. Matthew. The o&edien: Son. Ch. The Septuagint, which 14111)em ufeth, dif- z4, 25, 26. They perceived the advantage frefrom the Harm : but not in fenfe. Chrift would have by their Anfwer ; Either 17. And be left them and went 1ohn's Tcfimony, or the Power of the Multi- out of the city into Bethany and tilde, who reverenced Prophets tent fiom God, and would have (toned them, Luke zu. 6. he lodged there. 18. Now in the morning as he returned into the 27. And they anfwered Jefus, and city, he hungred. 19. And when Paid, We cannot tell. And he Paid he taw a fig-tree in the way, he came unto them, Neither tell I you by , what authority I da there things. to it, and found nothing thereon, 27. If you will not anfwer my Queftion, but leaves only, and faid unto it, neither will I anfwer yours. Let no fruit grow on thee hencefor- 28. But what think you ? A cer- ward for ever,. And prefently the tain man had two fops, and he came fig-tree withered away. ao. And to the firít and faid, Son, gowork to . when the difciples faw it, they mar- day in my vineyard. 29. He an veiled, Paying, How foon is the fig- fwered and faid, I will not : but af. tree withered away ? terward herepented, and went. Sot. r7, r8, ¡9, 20. N. It began then to die: And he came to the fecond, and but it was the next day that the difoipirs 1t faid likewife. And he anfwered and it, and wóndrrd faid, I go fir ; and went not. 3r. 2 r. Jefus anfwered and faid unto Whether of them twain did the will them, Verily I fay unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye of his father ? /hall not only do this which is done 28. dro. That youmay fee that your high: eft profeil'ion of Holinefs and Knowledge,. to the fig-tree, but alfo if ye /hail while you difobey God, doth leave you worfe fay unto this mountain, Be thou re- than the Pnblrcans, and Vulgar whom youvil. moved, and be thou call into the 11ùe : I will tell you a Parable, &c. fea ; it /hall be done. 22. And all 3 t. They fay unto him, The things whatfoever ye íhall ask in firft. Jefus faith unto them, Verily prayer, believing, ye /hall receive. I fay unto you, that the publicans 21, 22. Nothing fh@ll be too hard, which and harlots go into the kingdom of God hath promifed, apd ye by Faith and Pray. God before you. 32. ForJohn came er are fit to receive, unto you in, the way of righteouf- z3. And when was come into nets, and ye believed him not: but the temple, the chiefprie/ts and the the publicanes and the harlots be- elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching and faid, By lie ved him. And ye when ye had what authority dolt thou the e teen it, repented not afterward, that. things ? and who gave thee this au- ye might lielieve him. thority 32. Thefe defpifed Sinners believed Yoh,E Y and repented ; which you with all your Know. 23. The ChiefPriefis and Elders examined ledge did not, noryet do ; and fo are further him, to thew his authority. from the Kingdom ofGod, than they ; having 24. And Jefus anfwered and laid no obedient Religion, but words and Ce . unto them, I alto will ask you one remonies. thing, which if ye tell me, I in like- 33. Hear another parable : There wife will tell you by what authority wasa certain houfholder which plant.. I do there things. 25. The bap- ed a vineyard and hedged it round tifm ofJohn, whence was it ? from about, and digged a wineprefs in it, heaven, or of men ? And they reafo- and built a towre, and let it out to ned with themfelves, faying, If we husbandmen, and went into a far /hall fay, From heaven, he will fay countrey. unto us, Why did yenot then be- 23. Note, God did what was neceffary to lieve him ? 26. But if we /hall fay, have made the yews a happy Church, as to Of men ; we fear the people for means prepared : By digging a Wine.prefe. is meant , hollowing a Trough to bruite all hold John as a prophet. the