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Cii. Z.S. The lafl St. Matthew. judgment. Ch. 25. 37. &e. Chrift Both not more intereft him- le&ed. O what a motive is this to Charity? Self in his fervants loveand good works, than .r. Will it not be endlefs thus to convince they thought or can eafrly believe a and valu- and judge all the World? _4, :f. No: though ethchele more thanwe do our (elves. this be fpoken after the manner of Men, God 40. And the king (hall anfwer,and can at once open every mans cafe tò his own fay unto them,Verily I fay untoyou, Confcíetace, and judge all theWorld in a mo- In as much . as ye have done it unto mene, as the Sundoth at once enlighten all the 3' eyes on earth. one ofthe leaft of theremy hrethren, 46. And thefe (hall go away into ye have done it unto me. everlafting punifhment : but the 40. Note, t. Thofe poor and weak Chriß'- righteous into life eternal. ans which the proud defpife and from, Chu calleth his brethren : 2. And he taketh that 46. The execution thall prefently follow the as done to him that is done to them for his Sentence. AU that (hewed not their faith in lake Chriß, and love to him;by loving his Servants 4r. Then fhall he fa alai unto above their worldly wealth and pleafure, Eaall y go toaverlàßing punifhment with devils that them on the left hand, Depart from deceived them : And the faithful that loved me, ye curfed into everlafting fire, Chriß, and his interefts and fervants above prepared for the .devil and his an- their flatly intereßs, Mall go into endlefs life and leffednefs. But this doth not extend to gels. q r. N. Every word unfpeakably terrible. condemn Infants or poor unable perlons for not The curfed flare is to depart from Chriß into doing what they could not; nor to deprive everlafting fire with Devils, who were firß themof a reward that had a wdl to do more g than theywere able . adjudged to it, and drew the wicked to be their Companions in torments by following them in fin. Wicked men are fo like Devils, that they muff dwell with them for ever in anifery. 42. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me nomeat : I was thirfty,aríd ye gave me no drink : 43. I was a fl-ranger, and ye took me not in : naked, and ye clothed me not : fick, andin prifon, and ye vifited me not. 42> 43. Note, That it is not only hating, hurting , perfecuting, 'corning, or oppreking, that men are damned for to hell fire with De- vils, but alto not loving, relieving, and helping Chrift's fervants : for he trußed them with his gds for that vie and trial. Iftheft muff be in hell with Devils, where will-oppreßors, perle- cutors and murderers be? 44. Then /hall they allo anfwer him, faying, Lord when law we thee an hungred, or athirff, or a firanger, or naked, or fick, or in prifon, and did not minifter unto thee ? 44. Note,.Wicked men know not the great. nels oftheir own fan, nor how much that is a- gainft Chrift, which is againft his fervants. CHAP. XXVI. 1. Nd it came to pats, when 'Je- ri fus had finifhed all thefe fay- ings, he laid unto his difciples, 2. Ye know that after two days is the feaft of the paffover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified. r, 2 N. Chri{t went not ignorantly or -con- ßrained to his death, but willing and fore- knowing it. 3. Then afiembied together the chief friefì's, and the fcribes, and the elders of the people, unto the palace of the -high prieff, who was called Caiaphas, 4. And confulted that they might take Jefus by fubtiltyand kill him. 5. But theyPaid, Not on the feat}-dray, leaft there be an uproar a- mong the people. 3. &e. N. r. The chief Men, Priefts and Rulers were the chief Murderers. 2. It's a wonder that the people were not deftroy'd as Seditious Rebels, rather than feared by fuch Rulers; when they would have refißed or ßó. ned them that had affaulted Chrift, or a Pro- 45. Then (hall he anfwer them, plait. faying, Verily I fay unto yóu, In as 6. Now when Jefus was in Be- much as ye did it not to one of the thany, in the houle of Simon the leaf}ofthefe, ye did it not to me. leper. 7. There came unto him a 45. n. The wicked Iha11 fuller, not only woman having an alabafrer-box of for hurting, but for not helping the faithful, as if it had been Chriß himlelf that they neg. very precious ointment, and poured it