Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

50 The partiality of nuns judgement" in their own Cafe. fpare the Parliament men the labour of fitting about them, and our fel yes the trouble of choofing us Parliament men, then do all this for nothing, What is every Ale-feller, or Drunkard, or Swearer, or Prophane perfon, wifer then all the Parliament and the Prince ? or are they all better, and jotter, and honefter then they ? No ; but itsfelf that Rands up againft all. Its in vain to tell them of Kings, or. Parliaments, or Laws, or common good, as long as you go about to crofs the firjb, and trouble them in their private interelt ; let but felf againft all, and all goes down before it as nothing. Therees fcarce a thief or mur- derer Oats hanged, but thinks he bath hardmeafure ; becaufe it is againft himfeif. 2. Nay it is not onlypenalties, but words that men are very fenfible of , if they be but againft shernfolues. An angry or difgraceful fpeech, or any contempt or difrefpe6t, cloth feem a great matter againfl them ; and they have aggravations enough to lay upon it. So tender are they of themfelves, that you may fee how little they deny themfelves. 3. Yea Gods ownCometions do feem fo heavy to them,that they murmur and are impatient under them. A little lofs or Crofs to [elf doth lie as a mountain on them. Poverty, or fick7 nefs, or difgrace,or troubles, do make them complain, as if they were almofi quite undone : and all this .thews how little they have learned toDeny themfelves. CHAP VIII. Thepartialityof rnensprallicaljudgement intheir own Cafe. 5. Nother Difcovering inftance of the Dominion of Pelf, is,Thefirange Partialityof mens prailical Pedgement, when the Cagle ra their own and the equityof their judgement, when the Cafe is another mans. For particular inftances of this, youmay take up thofe that were mentioned before. rie give you but a few. Take butadull and backward ( for I know you will