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72 I. Sel/Ijh DifpofitiAis mug he denyed, and i. Self- love. fin and error yet when it is not God but It/f that rifeth up arainfl you,. Teachers, and poffeffeth you with a fpirit of bit- , ternefs, difobedience, contradi6tion and malignity , this felf mull be denyed. to. Lay, as Self is agairif1 the good of our neighbour or humane Societies, it mull be denyed. For we mull loveour Neighbouras our felves : that is, Both fcif and neighbour mull be loved in a due fubordination to God, as means to his Glory, and in this notion of a means, the Love fhould be equal ; though there is alto a Natural Lore in order to felt- prefervation put in o us by the Creator, which our Love to every Neighbour is not to equal indegree; yet our love to Societies fhould ex- ceed it ; and our Love to a Neighbour timid come fo near it, that we fhould diligere iroximum prox'ma ,dslraione, love him as a fecondSelf, and fo Rudy his welfare, as to promote it to our power, and not to cover or draw from him for our felves, nor do him any wrong. This is the fenfe of the tenth Com- mandement , and film of the fecond Table. CHAP. X I I I. I. Selfifh Difpofitions mug be denyed, and I. Self-love. accounts Self mull denyed, I am next to tell you the par- Aving feen in what refpeas and upon what it is titulars of that /e/0 intereft i hit muff be denyed, and Lhe parts that are contained in this needful work. And here you mull remember what raving faith is , that Peeing how fe/f oppofeth it, you may know wherein it mull be denyed. Saving faith is [tech a Relief in Clorig for Reconciliation WithGod, and the everlaflinz fruition of him in Glory, as makes to forfake all the things of this zrorld, and give up our felves to the condiE1 of the word and [pmt, for the obtaining of it. When a man can flrip himfelf of all the pleafures and pro- fits, and honours of this world, firf} in his eflitnation, and love and refolution, and then in the adual forfaking of them at the Call