Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

the Epifile Dedicatory. ian, Independent, Anabaptift, &c. that will walk in Charity, Peace and Concord ; we (hall never be well till thefe are clofed. But dowe not know that Papiffs have Italy and Spine and Germany and France at hand to help therm' And that if we grant them fuch a liber- ty as fhall Lengthen them and make way for their power, we giveaway our own liberty, and are prepa- ring faggots for our martyrdom, and giving away the Golpel that by wonders of mercy bath been till now preferved, (and I hope (hall be prefeived in delpite of Borne and Hell.) Nor yet do I plead for any cruelty again( a Papift, but for a neceffary Defence of the inter - eft of Chrilit and the fouls ofmen, and the hopes of our potterity. Did Magiftrates well know their dependence upon God, and that they are his officers, and mull make him their end, they would not take their flocks to be their mailers, though they way take them for their charge ; nor would they fet up a carnal intereft of the multitude, againft the pleating of God, and [ens falvation : nor would they think to highly of mens conceits and wills, as to judge it a matter of fo much moment, to allow them in Religion to fay or do what they lift. If allow- ing a M4193felfin the practiceof Known fin, is inconfi - (lent with a irate of grace, and a fign of a miferable (lave of Satan: I leave it to you toconfider, what it wiIl prove to allow others even countries and nations in Known (in. And if Rulers know not that letting up anUniyerfal Vicechrift, and worfhipping bread with Divine worfhip, and ferving God in an unknown tongue, withother points of Popery, are fin ; and that oppofing and reproaching the holy Scriptures, Ordi- nances, and Miniftry, are fin, wo to fuch Rulers, and ( a 2 ,/ WO