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T be Epifile Dedicatory. wo to the nations that are Ruled by Inch. 0 what a blefling is a holy fell denying Magiftracy to a Nation ! Ifone would have told me twentyyears ago, that you and inch as you fhould be Rulers in this land, what ap- prehR.nfions fhould I have had ofglorious times e how confidently and joyfully fhould I have pro:nifed my felf an univerfal encouragement to Podlinefs, and a vigorous promoting of the caufe of CIA, and a ze.1- ous luppreffing ofall that is againft it ! Little fhould I is have thought that after Profeflbrs of godlinefs were power, fomany years fhould have been (pent in de- aro/ ing Charity and Unity, and cher ih ng almoft all that will Band up for the Devil, an i plead his caufe a- gainft the Doetrine and Difcipline and Worfhip and Churches andOfficers of Jefus Chrift. And that in their dayes it fhould have been put to the Queftion, whether the Miniftry it felt fhould be taken down. And that men inpower fhould write for Liberty, for all that will call it Pelf Religion,even Popery not excepted (nor I think, Infidelity or Mahurnetifme it felf ) and that thole that write fa fhould be inert in Power. My heart would have rifen again ft him as an odious calumniator, that fhould have prefumed to tell me, that fuch men as haveattempted this, would ever have come to fuch a pats : and I fhould have encountered themwith Haze:- els qUeftion, Are they dogs, that they fhoulddo fo vile a thing e and exercife fuch cruelty on fouls, and leek to bring back the people of God to the Romifh vo- mit, and let up the greateft tyranny on earth, and all under pretence of a Religious Liberty. But alas, it is not Magiftrates only that are fo want- ing in felf-denyal. Minifters alto are guilty of this Crime: Or elfe we fhould not have been fo forward to divifions