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100 Self:imagination to be denied. day, Pfal. 119.97,99. and in his LawAmid we meditate5 day and night, Pfal. I. 2. God fhould be the Spring, the End, the Sum ofall our thoughts ; If we find a thought in our minds, that favoureth not of God, yea that is not lent by him, and doing his work, we mull difown it, apprehend it, and call it out. But alas how contrary is the cafe with the moll ? Asfetfis advanced highefl in their imagination, fo doth it there attract and difpofe of the thoughts. What are all the thoughts ofun- fantilfied men employed for , but for themfelves and theirs? - Their fantafies hunt about the world ; but its their own game and pleafure that they range about. The thoughts of one man run upon his covetoufnefs, and another mans upon his filthy lufts,and another mans on his fports and pleafures,and anothers upon his honour and reputation with men !They feed the ima- ginations of their mind upon almoft nothing but fe/fith things ! fometimes delighting themfelves with the very thoughts of MC/L5 efteemof then) , or oftheir worldly plenty,or oftheir finful lulls, and pleafures, & fomtime troubling themfelves with the thoughts oftheir wants,or low condition, or croffes,or injuries frommen: fornetime contriving how they may attain their defires;and cark- bag and caring for the accomplifhing theirfe/AM ends :morning &, evening,at home and abroad,as the thoughtsof the fanftified are on God,and heaven ,and the way thereto fo the thoughts of the unfandified are all upon felf, and the intereft of felt, and the means thereto. 0 cleanfe your minds Sirs, ofthis great fe/f-po/- hition : Keep themmore clean and che e to God. Denyfel/ this- room in your imaginations, and wafle not thoughts andprecious time, on fuch unjull and unprofimble imployment. It is an im- pertinency,tobe fa much felicitous about the charge of God,and E0 care fo much when he bath bid.u9, Becarefulfor nothing: Itzis . adebafing ofour minds to feed them fo Jong on fo low an ob- when they might be taken upwith God. Care not therefore what you 'hall eat or drinkor wherewithyoufhall be cloatked;for af- ter all thefe things do the lelP un fa nd ifieel Gentiles leek.; and our Father knoweth that wehave need ofall theft things : but feekjefirfi the kingdom of God, and hisrighteoufnefs, and all thefe things fhall bg added toyou, Mat.6, 31,32,3 3 ..Self cloth but r ob you, of the fruit ofyour thoughtswhichyou might reap byfeeding them on CHA Po