Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Preface, thenfelves by a Carnal 1?eligiossfnefs , fervingGod only infubfer- viency to their(elves. Hence it is that Hypocrites do mofb dew` thenfelves in matters of felf-intereft : In the cheap part of Re- ligion, theyfeem to be as good as an_y : as zealousfor their part) and op:nions, ( which theycall the Truth ) and as long and lowd in prayer, andfor as _grid . a-way of difciplinewith others : But touch them in their eftates or names : Call them to cooly works of Charity, or to letgo their rightfor peace, or publick, gcod, or to confefs and lament anyfin that theycommit, andyoufhall then fee that they are but common men : and Self bears rule inftead of Chrift. Hence alfo it u , that fo many perfons can bear with themplves in any calling or tradeof life that but gainful, be it never fo knjitft , and willnot believe but it is lawful , becaufe it isprofitable ; for they fuppofe that gain is godlinefs, i Tim. 6. 5. Hence it L. thatfo manyfamilies will be fofar Religious as will (landwith their commodity ; but no further : Tea that fo many Minifters have the wit to prove that molt Duties are to themnoDuties, when they will cog them much labour or difhonour in the world, orbring them under fufferings formen : Andhence it is that Jo manycarnal Politicians do in their Laws andCoun- felt alwaiesprefer the intereft of their bodies before Gods intereft, and nuns fouls : Teafome arefofarforfaken by common reafon, andvoid of the Love of Godand his Church, as tomaintain that Magifirates in their Laws and yudgements mull let matters of Religion alone ; as if that Self, even Carnal Self, were all their Intereft, and all their God: and as if they were of the Pro- phaneOpinion [Everyman for himfelf , and God tor us all ] or as if they would lookto their own caufe , and bid God look, to his. Fromthe Power of this felfifhnefs it is that fomany Princes andStatesturnperfecutors, andfticknot tofilence, banifh ( and fome of the bloodyerfort, to kill) theMinifters of Chrifi, when they do butthink,that theyHand croft to their carnal interefis : And ifyou will plead the Intereft of Chr:ft and fouls againfi theirs, and tell them, that the banifhment, irnpri fonment , filencing or deathoffuckorfilchafervant of the Lord, will be injurious to manyfouls, and therefore if they were guilty of death infome odes, theyAmid reprieve them, as they do women with child, till Chrift mel111111