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2 what Selfijhnefs and Self-denyal are ; at the Root, medling with no more but what is neceffary to our rtetent bullock. You may eafily perceive that the Doftrine which Chrift here prociaimeth to all that have thoughts of being his followers,is this, that All that will be Chrifteans, mull Deny thernfelver and tale up their Crofs, and follow (krill, and not referve fo much as their very lives, but refelve to refign up all for him. ] Self-clenyall L one part of true Conv,:r[eon : Vor the opening of this I niuft chew you i. What is meant by Self; and 2. What by Denying this Self : and 3. The Grounds and Reaions of the point : and 4. I fhall briefly apply it. I. Self, is tometime taken for the very perfon, confifting of foul and body fimply confidered : and this is called Natural or Perfonal Self. 2. Self is taken for this Perfon confidered in its capacity of earthly comforts, and in relation to the prefent bleffings of this world that tend to the profperity of man as in the flefh : And this may be called Earthly Self (yet in an inno- cent fence.) 3. Self is taken for the Perfon as corrupted by in ordinate finfull fenfuality ; which may be called Carnal Self. 4. Self may be taken for the Perfon in his fandified eftate; which is Spiritual Self. 5. And Self may be taken for the perfon in his Naturals and Spirituals Conjunet as he is capable of a Life of everlafting. Felicity ; which is the Immortal Self. I I. By Denying Self,is meant difclaiming,renouncing,difown- ing, and forfaking it. Self is here lookt on partly as a party disjuntl from Chrifi, andwithdrawn from its due fobordinatirn to God, and partly as his Competitor and oppofite: and accordingly it is to be denyed, partly by a neglea ,and partly by asoppofitios. Before I come to tell you how far Pelfmull be denyed, I muff tell you wherein the difeafe of felfifbnefs dothconfift ; and for brevity we (hall difpatch them both together. And on the Negative, i. To be a natural Individual perfon diflinta from God our Creator, is none of our difeafe s but the !late which we were created in. And therefore no man muff der pretenceoffelidenyal either deftroy himfelf, or yet with fome Hereticks lire to be effentially and perfonally one with God, fo that their individual perfonality lbould be drowned in him as a drop is in the Ocean. 2. The