Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

18 What Selflibnefs and Scif-denyal are ; at the Root. but he bath learned to fubmic to the will and wifedom of the Lord. And though he love himfelf, and have a nature that is unwil- ling of Coffering, and fearech the diipleafure of God, and the threarnings of his holy Law yet doth he unfeignedly juflifie the Law, and acknowledge it to be holy, and jut+, and good ; and would not have the very-threatnings of it to be repealed and blotted out, if he had his choice : for he knows that the Determinations of God are the 1 beft, and that none but he is fit to govern, and therefore he defires that he himfelf may be taught better to obey, and not that he may rule; and wifheth that he were moreconformed to the Law ; and not that the Law were conformed to him ; and fain he would have his own will brought up to Gods, but wifheth not Gods will to be crookened and brought down to his. As far as men have felf- denial, this is fo. 9, Moreover, as it is Gods Prerogative to be the Soveraign Ruler of our felves, fo alfo of all ethers as well as us. But when finhad fet up Rif, man would not only Rule himfelf, bnt 'would rnle all others.An eager defire there is in the unfanaified fe/Rh heart, that he might be Ruler of Town and Country, and all might be brought to do his will. And hence it is that there is fuch refilling and grudging at good Governors, and that men are fo ambitious and fain would be higheft, becaufe they would have their own wills fulfilled byall, and therefore would have power to force men to it : Hence it is that there is fucha fiir in the world for Crowns and Kingdoms e and few men have ever been heard of, thathave refufed a Scepter when it was offered them, yea or that would not ftep out of their way for it, and wound their Confciences, andhazard all their hopes of heaven for it, if they found themfelves in a likelyhood of obtaining it; becaufe where felf doth raign at home, it would raign alfo over all others. Nothing more pleafeth the Carnal mind, then to have his will, and to have all men do what he would have them, and to,fee all at his beck, and each man feeking to know his Pleafure, and ready to receive his word for Law. This is the reign of felf. But fandification teachingmenft/f denyal, cloth make them look