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What selfilhnefs andSelf-denyal Are at the Boot. look firft at the Doing of God, will; and would have all the world obedient to that ; a-nd for their ottn wills, they reign them abfolutely to Gods, and would not have men obey them but in a due fubordination to the Lord. As they aft& no Do- minion or Government but for God, fo they dere not men to obey their wills any further then it is neceffary to the obedience of Gods will, to which they are ferviCeable and conform. The fell denying fanaified man bath as careful an eye up anddown the world for Gods intereft, as the felfieeker bath for his own And as eagerly doth he long to hear of the letting up of the Name, and Kingdom, andWill or Laws of God in the world, as the ambitious man longs for the letting up of his own. And it as much rejoyceth the holy fell; denying man to hear that Gods Laws are let up and obeyed,and that the world doth floop to Jefus Chrift as it would rejoyce the Carnalfi/fifb wretch to be the Lord and Mafter of all himfell, and his will become the Law of the world. An Holy felf-denying man would be far gladder to hear that Africa, America, and the refit of the unbe- lieving part of the world were Converted to Chrift by the power of the Gofpel, and that the Heathens were his inheri- tance, and the Kingdomesof the world become the Kingdoms of Chrift, then if be had Conquered all there himfelf , and were become the King or Emperour of the world. For as felf is the chief intereft of an unfanetified man ; fo Chrill and the will of God is the chief Intereft of the fan&ified : for he bath deftroyed the contradiaory Interest of /cif, and renounced and bath taken God for his End, and Chrift for the Way, and eonfequently for his higheft Intereft : fo that he bath now no bufinefs in the world but Gods bufinefs; hebath no honour to regard but Gods honour ; he bathnone to exalt but the King of Kings ; he knows no gain but the pleating of God ; he knows no content or pleafure but Gods pleafure : for the life that he now lives in the flefh, he lives by faith of the Son of God, that bath loved him and given himfelf for him ; and thereby bath drawn him out of himfelf to the Fountain and End of Love ; and fo it is not he that lives, but Qr.& livetb in him, Ga1.2.20. ie. Laftly, it is the high Prerogative of God, to have the. D z how