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Reafons of the Neceffity of Self-denyal to falvation. 2I not make him reparation. As he liveth himfelf to the glory of God, and doth all that he doth in the world to that end ' fo would he have all others do fo to : And if God be moilho- noured by his difgrace and (blame, he can fubmit. And thus I have Chewed you the true Nature both :of ,filiffh- nefl and of felt denyal. But obferve that I defcribe it-as it is in it Pelf: but yet there is toomuch felfiffinefs in the bell, which may hinder the fulnefs of thefe effects. But felf-denyal is pre- dominant in all the fandified, though it be not perfeft. CHAP. I I. Beaten: of the Neceffity of felfdenyal to falvation. III. ANd now you have teen the true Defcription of felf- denyal, and I hope, if you have fludyed it, you know what it is that is required ; I than next thew you Tome of the Reafons of its Neceffity, and prove it to you beyond dif- pute that it is no indifferent thing, nor the high attainment of Come few of the Saints, but a thing that all mull have that will be laved, beingof the very effence of holinefs it felf ; fo that it is as poffible to live without life, as to be Holy without felf.. denyal ; and as poffible to be faved whether God will or no, as to be faved withoutfelf-denyal in a predominant degree. And if any of ou think lirange that falvation thould be laid on fo high a duty, and that no man can be a true Difciple that deny- eth not himfelf, even to the forfakingof hisLife, and all, when God requireth it, I (hall thew you that Reafon that thould eafily fatisaeyou. Rear I. Till a man Deny himfelf he denyeth God, and doth not indeed believe in him, and love him, and take him to be his God. And I hope you will, grant that no mancan be faved that believes not in God, nor Loveth him, nor takes him for his God : He that will deny. God and yet think to be fasted, muff think tobe faved in defpight of God. The &ft Article of our faith, and of our Baptifmal Chriffian Covenant, is to Be- lieve in God the Father, and take him for our God, and give D 3 up